Come allestire un bar a Natale

Tips for setting up the bar at Christmas

Christmas is upon us and these days our cities are transformed with lights and colors that recall the Christmas festivities. If it is very easy to find ideas and suggestions for decorating your home online, it is not always easy to find just as many valid suggestions for creating a Christmas decoration for your bar or club.
4 strategie per vendere in gelateria anche in inverno.

4 strategies for selling in ice cream parlors even in winter.

For ice cream parlors, winter is a season marked by significant declines in sales. We offer you some ideas to boost sales even in winter.
November 10, 2022
Trend alimentari 2020: 3 proposte young

Food trends 2020: 3 young proposals

Young people are an interesting target for bars and clubs, capable of appreciating new original business ideas. Here are 3 to try.

Crêpes Gourmet among the new ideas for bars and clubs

Crêpes Gourmet is one of the new ideas for bars and clubs that want to offer customers an exclusive proposal. Find out what makes it unique.
May 15, 2018
Menu senza glutine, scopri le proposte di Techfood

Gluten-free menu, discover the proposals of Techfood

The week of celiac disease is an opportunity to rethink the gluten-free menu and the gluten-free offer of your establishment. Techfood has created solutions that allow each establishment to create a gluten-free proposal in complete safety, without contamination and in a small space. Find out what they are with this article.
Franchising street food, dati in crescita e soluzioni di successo

Street food franchise, growing data and successful solutions

The data of the street food franchise is growing more and more, a sector that proves not only to be a well-established trend, but also to represent a real new business formula. The data speak for themselves as well as the success that street food had at the latest edition of Sigep, the event that brings together the best entrepreneurial ideas for ice cream, pastry and bakery in Rimini every year. There are many proposals on four wheels, such as those of Techfood.
February 23, 2017
Attirare clienti in un bar con Facebook: idee e consigli

Attracting customers to a bar with Facebook: ideas and advice

Promoting a place on Facebook can prove to be a useful tool for attracting customers to a bar. Often what scares you is the budget, but with small precautions and a lot of constancy, monetary investment becomes just one of the options. In this and in the next articles we will explain in detail how to optimize the social presence of your restaurant.
Aprire un bar, consigli per la brand identity

Opening a bar, tips for brand identity

Whether it's for cocktails or a pub, the first step in opening a bar is to identify and build its own personality. The identity of an activity is a basic aspect for presenting values ​​and an evocative imagery to the public, an identity card created on the drawing board in which nothing is left to chance. So what are the elements that favor a strong brand identity? From the name of the restaurant to the proposed menu, from the logo to the furnishings.
L’investimento redditizio che moltiplica le tue possibilità

The profitable investment that multiplies your possibilities

A profitable investment that offers a varied and diversified proposition is essential to increase sales and expand your customer base. Techfood has studied some solutions for small and large catering able to multiply the possibilities with a single investment.
Gli step per aprire una gelateria di successo

The steps to open a successful ice cream shop

2016 marks a positive trend in Italian consumption away from home. The positive economic situation can be a good reason to open an ice cream shop, but what are the aspects not to be overlooked in order to have a popular activity? We explain to you the key factors for a successful business.
July 25, 2016
Decorare la distesa estiva, idee per ogni tipo di locale

Decorating the summer expanse, ideas for any type of premises

With the first heat, the summer expanse proves to be an ideal solution to satisfy customers who want to stay outdoors and increase sales thanks to the increase in seats. Here are some ideas to decorate it and make it special.
Super bonus investimenti per imprese e professionisti

Super investment bonus for businesses and professionals

The 2016 Stability Law offers a great opportunity for businesses and professionals who want to purchase capital goods. Thanks to the tax relief, it is possible to depreciate the purchased asset over the years at a value 40% higher than the purchase value.