Dark kitchen: la cucina del futuro senza ristorante

Dark kitchen: the kitchen of the future without a restaurant

Dark kitchens are closed kitchens without a real restaurant: the evolution of food delivery. But do they really work?
Dpcm Natale: le delivery box per non fermarsi

Dpcm Christmas: the delivery boxes so as not to stop

While waiting for Dpcm Christmas, restaurants and bars are preparing for the most rigid scenarios. Italy in the red or orange zone, what to do?
Via col delivery, per Rugiati dovresti ripartire dal forno

Off with the delivery, for Rugiati you should start again from the oven

What is the takeaway equipment needed for a venue? We talk about it with chef Simone Rugiati, testimonial for Techfood.
Food delivery: verso nuove frontiere di ristorazione

Food delivery: towards new frontiers of catering

Home delivery from ancillary service to a new catering model. Discover the numbers and opportunities of food delivery.
June 05, 2019