Come allestire un bar a Natale

Tips for setting up the bar at Christmas

Christmas is upon us and these days our cities are transformed with lights and colors that recall the Christmas festivities. If it is very easy to find ideas and suggestions for decorating your home online, it is not always easy to find just as many valid suggestions for creating a Christmas decoration for your bar or club.
Certificazione Halal: cos’è e perché è importante

Halal certification: what it is and why it is important

Halal is an Arabic term which means "lawful" and which is used to indicate products that conform to Islamic doctrine. Halal certification includes many production sectors, such as agri-food and catering. Find out what Halal certification is, how to get it and why it is useful for your success.
March 30, 2017
L’investimento redditizio che moltiplica le tue possibilità

The profitable investment that multiplies your possibilities

A profitable investment that offers a varied and diversified proposition is essential to increase sales and expand your customer base. Techfood has studied some solutions for small and large catering able to multiply the possibilities with a single investment.
A Shanghai Choco Kebab conquista tutti

In Shanghai Choco Kebab conquers everyone

The Piedmontese cremino conquers the palates of the Chinese, enthusiastic about the inauguration of the first Shanghai Choco Kebab store. Fantasy, innovation and fun, these are the keywords that characterize Choco Kebab, the first chocolate twister made in Italy.
Decorare la distesa estiva, idee per ogni tipo di locale

Decorating the summer expanse, ideas for any type of premises

With the first heat, the summer expanse proves to be an ideal solution to satisfy customers who want to stay outdoors and increase sales thanks to the increase in seats. Here are some ideas to decorate it and make it special.
Super bonus investimenti per imprese e professionisti

Super investment bonus for businesses and professionals

The 2016 Stability Law offers a great opportunity for businesses and professionals who want to purchase capital goods. Thanks to the tax relief, it is possible to depreciate the purchased asset over the years at a value 40% higher than the purchase value.
Creare un menu con l'esclusiva app di Techfood

Create a menu with the exclusive Techfood app

A new Techfood offer intended only for its agents and best customers. "Create your menu" is the exclusive application to create a menu with a clean and accurate design in a simple way.
Come utilizzare Instagram per il food e la ristorazione

How to use Instagram for food and catering

How to use Instagram for food and catering. 10 practical examples that will make you appreciate the best strategies on photographic social media.
Cooking day, una giornata di formazione per ristoratori in Techfood

Cooking day, a training day for restaurateurs in Techfood

A training day for restaurateurs with the Techfood chef, to learn how to use the machinery, some service tricks and new recipes
Idee per bar e ristoranti 2.0: consigli ai naviganti. Come gestire la presenza online della propria attività

Ideas for bars and restaurants 2.0: advice to sailors. How to manage the online presence of your business

The presence on the web is increasingly important but it is not always necessary to open a Facebook page: here are some ideas for bars and restaurants 2.0.
Idee per bar vincenti: servire la bruschetta ai francesi

Winning bar ideas: serve bruschetta to the French

Ideas for bars that turn into successful business ideas. This is what one of our loyal customers, Tradi Qual, managed to do in France with his BRUSCHETT'FOOD®.
Friggere senza olio grazie a Techfood

Fry without oil thanks to Techfood

French fries have always been the typical food to accompany drinking in breweries and pubs. Without considering the importance they have in fast food and cafeteria menus. Today, however, they...