French fries have always been the typical food to accompany drinking in breweries and pubs. Without considering the importance they have in fast food and cafeteria menus. Today, however, they are increasingly a food that all people on a diet often have to give up. Today it is possible to meet this type of slim-conscious clientele without having to give up a tasty and captivating dish such as fries. With Techfood's Combi Twist Plus it is in fact possible to fry without oil.
With Combi Twist Plus cooking fries without oil is simple, just select your favorite recipe from the pre-set menu, place it in the basket without adding any oil, wait for the program to finish and you're done.
Your light and crunchy French fries are ready. Your customers will be satisfied with a high quality, crunchy and non-greasy product.
Frying without oil is just one of the possibilities that the Combi Twist Plus gives you, keep following our blog to find out what other recipes are possible.