Ho.Re.Ca is an acronym that stands for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias, and is the economic sector that involves a vast range of activities related to hospitality and food outside the home. Here we talk about this very varied world, providing stimuli and analyzing the trends, innovations and challenges it faces every day.

News from the Horeca world

News, curiosities and ideas on the world of catering. Tips for renewing or opening your business in the Ho.Re.Ca channel

Menus and recipes

Menus, recipes and preparations to update the proposals of your restaurant. Classic options, for vegetarians, vegans and people with food intolerances, such as gluten or lactose.

Ideas for your place

Ideas to open or improve a restaurant. Ideas for creating special atmospheres and unique taste experiences, which make your business memorable and distinctive.

Bar stories

Success stories told by restaurateurs, bartenders, restaurant owners and Techfood collaborators. Advice on how to face the challenges encountered when running a business in the Ho.Re.Ca channel.