Our history

About us

For over thirty years we have been designing and manufacturing bar equipment and machines for fast food, completely made in Italy .

New cooking concepts that have innovated and are revolutionizing the HORECA world, especially for those establishments where an equipped kitchen is not necessary and where food-cost and speed of preparation are the key to success.

We were born in the heart of the food-valley, which has allowed us to create important collaborations with companies, producers of raw materials and important chefs in the area, developing over time an important know-how on the design, construction and installation of machines for catering and the production of high quality food preparations.

Thanks to our solutions, many bars in Italy and around the world have extended their menu to different times of the day , intercepting a much wider audience thanks to the diversification of the offer.

Our experience in the HORECA sector has allowed us to produce energy efficient machines, able to take up little space and meet blocking needs such as the absence of a flue , maximizing the number of foods that each tool can produce, minimizing the cost and preparation time .

Our focus is constantly on innovation, we analyze new trends and market needs to offer winning solutions to our customers.

Three victories in the last 4 editions of the BarAwards (2019 - Combi Wave Smart, 2020 Squeezita, 2022 Steamì) demonstrate how our commitment has been reciprocated by critics.

Book your visit to the company now where you can touch our machines and taste the result of the preparation, our team of Chefs will be able to adapt the preparations to your needs and advise you on how to use our machines in a profitable and qualitative way.

Professional machines

Innovative cooking concepts, designed to be performing, last over time, but above all to cook exquisite dishes.

Food products

High quality ingredients and semi-finished products, produced in an advanced food laboratory, in the absence of bacterial contamination.

Shops and corners

The turnkey service for those who want to open a business from scratch. Design, feasibility study, supply of machines and furniture.