Bar per turisti: come gestirlo al meglio

Bar for tourists, how to best manage it

Italy has always been one of the most frequent destinations for tourists. Managing a restaurant in a holiday resort is an opportunity to be exploited. We offer you a list of tips that every tourist bar should follow.
April 11, 2024
Come utilizzare Instagram per il food e la ristorazione

How to use Instagram for food and catering

How to use Instagram for food and catering. 10 practical examples that will make you appreciate the best strategies on photographic social media.
Menu senza glutine, scopri le proposte di Techfood

Gluten-free menu, discover the proposals of Techfood

The week of celiac disease is an opportunity to rethink the gluten-free menu and the gluten-free offer of your establishment. Techfood has created solutions that allow each establishment to create a gluten-free proposal in complete safety, without contamination and in a small space. Find out what they are with this article.
Come allestire un bar a Natale

Tips for setting up the bar at Christmas

Christmas is upon us and these days our cities are transformed with lights and colors that recall the Christmas festivities. If it is very easy to find ideas and suggestions for decorating your home online, it is not always easy to find just as many valid suggestions for creating a Christmas decoration for your bar or club.
[WEBINAR] Allestire una cucina professionale per bar senza cappa

[WEBINAR] Setting up a professional kitchen for bars without a hood

Register for the free webinar on June 07 and find out how to set up a professional bar kitchen even without a flue.
June 03, 2021
Horeca e Coronavirus: come affrontare l'emergenza?

Horeca and Coronavirus: how to deal with the emergency?

The catering industry is going through tough times. Here are some ideas for dealing with closures and post-Coronavirus decree ordinances.
March 12, 2020
Trend alimentari 2020: 3 proposte young

Food trends 2020: 3 young proposals

Young people are an interesting target for bars and clubs, capable of appreciating new original business ideas. Here are 3 to try.
Buoni pasto: il vero vantaggio è la formula digitale

Meal vouchers: the real advantage is the digital formula

Electronic meal vouchers are one of the novelties in catering. Find out what benefits they can bring to bars and restaurants.
September 14, 2018
Doggy bag e altre idee contro lo spreco alimentare

Doggy bag and other ideas against food waste

From doggy bags to waste-free storage: all the ideas against food waste in catering. Find out more in our article.
April 19, 2018
Autocontrollo HACCP: come gestire gli allergeni

HACCP self-control: how to manage allergens

The HACCP self-control plan is the set of health and hygiene standards that regulates the regulations for the food industry. Among the topics covered, food allergens is one of the most important for customer protection.
September 25, 2017
Certificazione Halal: cos’è e perché è importante

Halal certification: what it is and why it is important

Halal is an Arabic term which means "lawful" and which is used to indicate products that conform to Islamic doctrine. Halal certification includes many production sectors, such as agri-food and catering. Find out what Halal certification is, how to get it and why it is useful for your success.
March 30, 2017
Franchising street food, dati in crescita e soluzioni di successo

Street food franchise, growing data and successful solutions

The data of the street food franchise is growing more and more, a sector that proves not only to be a well-established trend, but also to represent a real new business formula. The data speak for themselves as well as the success that street food had at the latest edition of Sigep, the event that brings together the best entrepreneurial ideas for ice cream, pastry and bakery in Rimini every year. There are many proposals on four wheels, such as those of Techfood.
February 23, 2017