The professional kitchen for bars and small venues is often a confined space, sometimes confined behind the counter or not there at all. As cramped as the kitchen is, it has become one of the greatest earning possibilities for this type of restaurant, especially in a period in which the offer is all-day-long .
After the first tests with delivery and take away , many bars have chosen to continue offering a snack menu to increase customers and revenues. Precisely because of the importance that the kitchen has assumed over the years, it is essential to organize the spaces well in order to be able to properly manage the preparation of the dishes, the timing and the safety of the products.
And this is exactly what chef Eugenia Botti spoke about in the free webinar broadcast on June 7 at 3:00 pm on the Techfood YouTube channel .

The rules behind a professional kitchen for bars

Any place can serve quick lunches and snacks provided they have adequate spaces and the necessary hygienic and HACCP requirements . In fact, it is the environment used for preparing and cooking food that determines whether and what can be cooked in a bar:
  • to offer rolls, sandwiches and sandwiches, a counter with a chopping board and fridge is enough.
  • for hot dishes, however, a professional bar kitchen is required, which must be a ventilated space and generally with a flue.

How to set up a kitchen without a chimney?

In some cases, however, it is not so easy to install an extraction system, places in historic centers are an example. To meet this need, we have studied 2 alternatives for thawing frozen products without a flue: Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart .
The Combi line ovens can be positioned in rooms without an extraction system because their integrated hoods absorb the fumes and odors emitted by cooking. And being combined and complete cooking systems, they allow you to cook not only toast and sandwiches, but also first and second courses, side dishes and desserts. They even cook french fries, without oil, and the result is crunchy and even more digestible than those made in a fryer.

How to arrange a small kitchen in the bar?

The layout of the equipment depends on drains, plugs and sockets , which must be easily accessible. The ovens of the Combi line, for example, are also positioned on the counter. Once the instrumentation has been set up, we move on to furnishing the kitchen.
It is essential to have a countertop where you can prepare the dishes and this must be away from bins and dirty dishes to ensure the safety of the food. As regards the washing area and waste management, it must be done in a separate area due to the specific request of the hygiene standards. Then use one side for food storage and preparation, while the opposite area for washing and waste that must be disposed of correctly.
chef simone rugiati with combi wave equipment for take away

What does a ventless bar kitchen offer?

The list of hot preparations that you can offer with the help of Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart is endless, but our experience in the horeca sector has led us to identify some of the most requested dishes.
In the free webinar of June 7, chef Eugenia Botti made 5 dishes live in 50 minutes, more precisely a hamburger and fries; a stuffed bun; two seconds; and also the first dish that the television chef Simone Rugiati had created exclusively for Combi Wave Smart .
June 03, 2021