The art of latte is a way of presenting coffee that is increasingly appreciated by customers. In fact, it is no mystery to feel special when a barista takes the time to carefully prepare a decorated cappuccino. So in recent years we have seen foams served in the shape of heart, tulip and ear of corn, even in the shape of a swan. These are now the classic embellishments of latte art, but what are the new trends to try to prepare an original decorated cappuccino ? We've found 2 for you, perfect for summer.

1. Dalgona coffee, the Korean reverse cappuccino

This Korean cappuccino is having a lot of success on social media, and it's thanks to its fluffy appearance. It is in fact an extremely creamy preparation and differs from the classic cappuccino because instead of frothing the milk, it is done with coffee .
To make it you will have to whip the coffee with sugar and water, and then add it to hot or cold milk. To help you obtain a more consistent cream, add a little Squeezita to your liking, we advise you to try the dark and white hazelnut versions .

2. Cold cappuccino and pistachio in view of the summer

In summer, the consumption of decorated cappuccino decreases for obvious reasons of temperature, but not if you offer it in a cold version with whipped cream and pistachio Squeezita . A preparation that combines a typically Sicilian granita for breakfast and Lecce coffee served with ice .
Preparing cold cappuccino is very simple. You will have to create a fresh coffee cream by shaking the coffee with milk and cocoa. Pour everything into a tall glass, then add the very thick whipped foam and finally garnish with Squeezita and sprinkles. For an extra touch, smear the edges of the glass or cup with pistachio cream before coffee.

A perfect cappuccino

The rule for a perfect cappuccino is that it is white, decorated with a thick brown border in the classic cappuccino or with designs in the decorated cappuccino. This is decreed by the Italian Espresso National Institute and the International Institute of Coffee Tasters , who also add that the cream must be very thick with very fine holes. Its aroma must have notes of milk, toasted (cereals, caramel), chocolate (cocoa, vanilla) and dried fruit.

The opinion of the influencer Il Barista Incazzato

“We couldn't have chosen a more suitable name than Squeezita - Pedro Matos Maceli tells us after trying the creams - They are delicious and of excellent quality! The dispenser allows for extremely versatile use: don't limit yourself to filling croissants and donuts, use it to decorate bowls of fruit and ice cream or to enrich coffee and cappuccinos.”

Do you want to personalize your decorated cappuccinos and enrich your breakfasts with a Squeezita proposal? Contact us to request more information.
April 14, 2021
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