We know it well, the pandemic has inflicted a serious blow on the hospitality sector on catering, but commitment, dedication and the desire to return to normal are already changing things. With the transition to the white area, Italian farmhouses and B&Bs, like all other accommodation facilities, have seen a 20% increase in turnover .

Let's see, therefore, from which cornerstones to restart and which innovative ideas for agritourisms to develop to take full advantage of the favorable moment.

Italian farmhouses in 2020: a snapshot to reflect on in order to grow

The pandemic year for the 24 thousand Italian agritourisms represented , at various regional levels and in periods marked by the colors of the areas, a year of restrictions and renunciations. The limits to the opening, first; the limited number of seats, then; and the complete interruption of foreign tourism have led to a major stall in the growth of accommodation facilities.

According to Augusto Congionti of Agrituris, in 2020 agritourisms lost over 1 billion and two hundred million euros. The advantage of the small accommodation size and the presence of the large open spaces offered by the countryside was not enough to limit the economic repercussions of the Covid-19.

It is therefore necessary to look to the future with a proactive approach to optimize and maximize the useful results that the white area can allow.

3 ideas from which an innovative agritourism is born

As reported by FIPE, the relaunch of the sector will go through a strengthening of digital services and greater attention to the offer in terms of quality, originality and sustainability. There are mainly 3 innovative ideas for agritourism from which to start again:
  • Develop alternative consumer solutions .
    For example, you can create a delivery or take away box for breakfast in the open air and offer an assortment that goes from pancakes to waffles and from donuts to churros thanks to Rondò Unika.
  • Planning a punctual marketing activity to communicate and consolidate the identity specialization capable of guaranteeing uniqueness and recognition of one's structure.
  • Conduct management efficiently, increasing the product offer and at the same time containing the food cost with Rondò Unika. Thanks to a rich assortment, stimulate the booking of breakfast for a fee and make your customers feel more pampered.
To explain this last point, let's take for example the breakfast service for businesses that operate in bed&breakfast mode. Among the ideas for the restart there is the remodulation of production , desserts are prepared on demand to reduce waste and dispensers take the place of single-portion jams; and the reinterpretation of the offer , the breakfast which hypothetically becomes a brunch enhances the attractiveness of the structure and makes it more profitable.

It can work, as long as you have the determination and the right equipment as the experience of Fabio Lotrecchiano, manager of the Gronki Hotel and Restaurant in Campania, teaches us :
to our question what is the recipe for a successful restaurant, Fabio replied: “ Passion and professionalism. For this reason I decided to rely on Techfood, on the quality and reliability of its made in Italy machines .” And do you know what its secret ingredient was? Rondo Unika .