In response to Covid, the aperitif was inevitably paused to try out new anti-contagion practices in managing the place settings. But necessity becomes a virtue, as they say, and the limits to the buffet and the return to single portions have marked the evolution of the happy hour buffet into a gourmet aperitif , directing the rethinking of the product offering with an effect on food waste.

Local, typical and seasonal food & drink combinations

The last year has changed customers' expectations and habits regarding aperitif time, which becomes a single portion and is brought forward by a few hours. The single portion has accentuated the customer's attention to quality and the restaurateur should rethink his proposal accordingly.

Reformulating the offer with quality products, and especially seasonal ones, will have at least two positive effects on the business:
  • the differentiation with respect to the prevailing offer, the gourmet aperitif ;
  • the attractiveness towards tourist customers interested in discovering local excellence.
You will therefore be the one to pre-define the food & drink proposal and in doing so, you will act as an expert guide in directing the customers' choices and yours will be more aware consumers . They will know which local wine to pair with cured meats and cheeses; that beer accompanies pies and bruschetta; that the Negroni is perfect with focaccia freshly baked in your Combi Wave oven ; that the Bloody Mary goes well with a dip of fresh vegetables.

As long as they are of quality and well matched to the drink offer, we will see that the vegetarian proposals are gaining popularity among customers of the gourmet aperitif.

Omnivore-proof vegetarian options

Seasonality has an impact on menus, but we know it's not the only variable. Consumer taste is an important trend to take into consideration. Today's aperitif is characterized by the appreciation of vegetable dishes and snacks even by those who are not openly vegetarian or vegan, but simply flexitarian or curious omnivorous.
With the inclusion of vegetarian proposals in your gourmet aperitif you will have at least three positive effects:
  • The meeting of the satisfaction of generation Z who consider sustainability a key value on which to base food choices based on vegetables, legumes, cereals and fruit.
  • The answer to the summer demand of customers , particularly oriented towards fresh foods and willing to consume raw vegetables as well as fruit.
  • The development of a virtuous circle to create new flavors starting from bread, vegetables, fruit and dairy products, which as we know are products at the top of the black list of food thrown away due to their perishability.

Zero waste, the new good and right attitude

Attention to food waste has become - thanks to more frequent consumption at home - a good habit for customers and a requirement for restaurateurs. The substantial resetting of the buffet has proved to be a valuable ally to this end.

Since it is allowed only if set up in ready-made and suitably sealed single dishes, the gourmet aperitif buffet helps limit food waste by facilitating the production of dishes when needed. On-demand production is feasible if you have an oven that allows flawless cooking in record time.
Once you have defined the cut you intend to give to your offer, the excellences on which to focus and the variety of vegetarian proposals, implementation will be simple and convenient thanks to the technology of the Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart ovens . The gourmet aperitif trend is an opportunity, seizing it is a snap.
August 26, 2021