The week of celiac disease is an opportunity to rethink the gluten-free menu and the gluten-free offer of your restaurant. Techfood has created solutions that allow each establishment to create a gluten-free proposal in complete safety, without contamination and in a small space. Find out what they are with this article.

Gluten free mania, the boom in Italy

In fact, the third edition of Celiac Week is celebrated until 21 May, an Italian appointment to raise awareness and raise awareness of the risks associated with this disease. In recent years there has been a boom in celiac disease in our country: there are 600,000 people who suffer from this disorder, of which 190,000 are actually diagnosed. The gluten-free trend has also spread to those who are not obliged to follow a restricted diet for health reasons and for this reason the gluten-free market is constantly growing, at a rate of +27% per year.
The offer for celiacs must comply with very strict hygienic-sanitary standards because small traces of gluten, present in food also due to accidental contamination, are harmful. The Italian Celiac Association has created a specific project: the Food Outside the Home project , which now involves more than 4,000 restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, ice cream parlors and craft workshops. The project includes a highly specialized training course capable of educating on the risks and precautions to be taken when it comes to gluten-free offers and menus.

Gluten-free menu, the Techfood proposals

Gluten free pizzas for bars and restaurants
Techfood has created a small oven that allows you to provide pizza and quick hot meals for coeliacs. With the necessary precautions so that there is no contamination, it is possible to cook frozen and pre-packaged foods in total safety, such as gluten-free pizza or focaccia. The Pizzeria Junior is a small electric oven which does not take up as much space as a normal oven, equipped with 2 openings for cooking two pizzas at a time.
It is therefore possible to create a gluten-free menu similar to the classic one, with particular attention however also to the storage of the ingredients by placing them in a place separate from those containing gluten, and to the habits in the kitchen and in the dining room. It is essential that both in the preparation of the dishes and in the service, crockery, plates and tools are used that are only aimed at the celiac customer.
Discover the precautions for celiac customers
Gluten-free crepes and sweets for every restaurant
Last year Techfood launched a complete offer for all establishments who want to offer a gluten-free menu with desserts such as crêpes and pancakes. The Cialderia Frittatine is a machine of small proportions (20cm long) which allow you to place it even in limited spaces. The machine is sold by Techfood with a ready-to-use and totally safe preparation, containing only gluten-free ingredients.
A little preparation is enough to have a single crêpe, with only 20 g of dough and 40 ml of water it is possible to prepare a crêpe in a short time. Then fill it with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for a fresh taste or with chopped hazelnuts and chocolate cream for a more delicious proposal.
However, as Fabrizio Ponzo, a volunteer of the Italian Celiac Association, recalls in a previous article , “to fill gluten-free crepes, it is good to check that the toppings are also gluten-free. Very often, chocolate powder and creams can be composed in small percentages of foods containing gluten and be harmful for those with celiac disease”.
Creating a gluten-free menu requires a lot of control at every stage of the storage, preparation and serving of a gluten-free dish. Despite the constant commitment that it requires, offering a gluten-free proposal to those who must follow this type of diet has many positive aspects. First of all, it allows you to expand your business and consequently increase your earnings, and also adds extra value to your establishment which thus proves to be in step with the times and able to perceive new requests from customers. Discover the offer for celiacs of Techfood, la vie c'est gluten free !