If you are looking for an original and fun idea for your venue, you are in the right place. Many customers are passionate about films and TV series and love to spend evenings out of the ordinary, why not focus on a common passion of yours for your new business?

In this article, in fact, we will explore the best places inspired by TV series and films, truly magical places that will give anyone who enters an unforgettable experience. Discover with us these unique places that transport visitors directly into the cinematic universe!

Sherlock Café – Shanghai:

Empathizing with the famous detective Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker Street in Shanghai is child's play. With its themed design and atmosphere, this venue offers the opportunity to experience true detective adventures.


Twin Peaks – Vancouver:



If you are a Twin Peaks enthusiast, you can't miss The Black Lodge in Vancouver, Canada. This disturbing and fascinating place will make you relive the atmosphere of the series. Try the "Doctor Jacoby", one of the most requested cocktails, and immerse yourself in the Twin Peaks universe.


A Clockwork Orange – New York:

Join the Drug Gang at the A Clockwork Orange-inspired Korova Milk Bar in White Plains, New York. With its black and white design, this venue is a masterpiece that captures the essence of Stanley Kubrick's film.


Grand Budapest Hotel – Milan:

For lovers of the Grand Budapest Hotel, Bar Luce in Milan is a touch of class designed by director Wes Anderson. Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of this film-inspired venue.


Oh mama! – Stockholm:

If you are a fan of musicals and Mamma Mia!, Nicos' Taverna in Stockholm is the right place. With entertainment based on music and fun, this venue will make you feel part of the magic of the film.


Breaking Bad – Istanbul:

Walter's Coffee Roastery in Istanbul is a Breaking Bad fan's paradise. Put on the yellow suit and experiment with the drinks prepared like real scientific experiments. A unique experience for lovers of the series.


Harry Potter – Toronto: 



The Lockhart in Toronto welcomes Harry Potter fans with a pond Patronus mural. Despite claims of a "bar dedicated to magic", the magical atmosphere and the "potions and elixirs" menu make this place a must for modern wizards and witches.


Suspiria – Tokyo:

For horror lovers, Cambiare Italian Bar & Grill in Tokyo, inspired by Dario Argento's Suspiria, is a unique place. Explore the spooky atmosphere of this venue that captures the essence of the cinematic masterpiece.


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – New York:

The Jekyll & Hyde Club in New York offers not only delicious meals but also live entertainment and special effects, inspired by the gothic terror of Jekyll & Hyde. Take advantage of the souvenir shop to take home a piece of your trip.


Alien – Switzerland:

HR Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland, is an alien experience with biomechanical furnishings taken from the set of Alien. Every detail, from the tables to the ceilings, will make you feel like you're in a science fiction movie.


Friends – Liverpool:



Central Perk in Liverpool is the perfect place for Friends fans. Transport yourself back in time and share a cup of coffee with your favorite friends. Attend movie and quiz nights on Friends to get the full experience.


Doctor Who – New York:

The Way Station in New York is heaven for Doctor Who fans. With weekly screenings and sci-fi shows, this venue will have you traveling through time like Doctor Who himself.


The Lord of the Rings – Southampton:

For Lord of the Rings lovers, the pub on the obligatory stop is a must! Sip the 13 cocktails with character names and collect the cards to win the Fellowship T-Shirt. Don't miss the limited edition Nazgul Cocktail for a truly epic experience.


These venues offer customers a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of their favorite films and TV series. A sure success idea is to combine a fun menu taking inspiration from fun food trends .

Bubble tea , bubble sticks , chocolate burgers , space buns and brightly colored hot drinks are just some of the ideas to win over customers.

If you have other suggestions for magical places not present in the article, share them in the comments and continue to explore new places inspired by the world of cinema!