L’incredibile mondo dei locali ispirati a film e serie tv

The incredible world of venues inspired by films and TV series

If you are looking for an original and fun idea for your venue, you are in the right place. Many customers are passionate about films and TV series and love...
Come non congelare le vendite di una gelateria in inverno

How not to freeze the sales of an ice cream parlor in winter

The arrival of cold weather can freeze the sales of an ice cream shop, but there are remedies to keep the proceeds piping hot. Discover the four ideas for ice cream parlors in winter.
Una pausa tra le coccole: la moda degli Animal Café.

A break between pampering: the fashion of Animal Cafés.

The Animal Cafés are special places where customers can spend time together with dogs, cats, rabbits or other small mammals owned by the place. In these places it is possible...