Calcolo del Food Cost: le regole fondamentali

Food cost calculation: the basic rules

When it comes to opening a new business or improving the potential of already active establishments, it is essential to analyze all the variables that characterize the cost of a single dish, allowing you to have a clear overview of what your future expenses and earnings will be. Let's find out the rules of food cost.
Hotellerie in crisi: 3 idee per la ripartenza

Hotel industry in crisis: 3 ideas for restarting

The collapse in bookings has forced hotel management to review some strategies. Discover 3 Techfood solutions to think about restarting.
April 23, 2020
Tags: brunch hotel
Super bonus investimenti per imprese e professionisti

Super investment bonus for businesses and professionals

The 2016 Stability Law offers a great opportunity for businesses and professionals who want to purchase capital goods. Thanks to the tax relief, it is possible to depreciate the purchased asset over the years at a value 40% higher than the purchase value.