Hotel management, like others in the horeca sector, is forced to review and adapt its strategies for a - as soon as possible - restart after the lockdown. If bars and restaurants have turned towards the delivery business in anticipation of a good recovery, there are few opportunities for maneuvering at the moment for hotels and B&Bs. From a survey by the Cna in the first half of 2020, tourism revenues will suffer a contraction of 73% , and future prospects leave strong doubts.

In fact, when the situation improves, locals can trust in people's desire to go out and in a consequent recovery in sales. In the hotel industry, on the other hand, a different scenario is expected, with a lower than average occupancy and for this reason everything will have to be rethought a bit, from last minute bookings to the breakfast service . For this last aspect we have three solutions to propose to you to evaluate now for a new start of business, and of the day.

1. Sweets on demand against inventories

If breakfast represents more than half of the food&drink proceeds for the hotel industry, it is also true that under a certain number of bookings the buffet leads to waste. Proposing breakfast over the counter could be very limiting, so what to do to avoid inventories that would weigh on the hotel's finances?

To avoid waste, it is sufficient to prepare guests' requests on demand . In this case , Rondò Unika will help you make crêpes, pancakes, waffles, churros, donuts and waffles on request. The machine, in fact, can be equipped with six interchangeable plates, safe to be replaced even when hot. It is also suitable for savory crepes , if you have a foreign audience, and gluten-free thanks to the special gluten-free dough .

2. No more single-portion jams

It may seem like a trivial matter, but in an emergency situation every evaluation of the food cost hotel management is pure gold. Do you serve jams and hazelnut creams in single-portion packs on the breakfast table? Perhaps it is better to evaluate a more convenient solution that protects customers .

In this case, however , the range of Techfood dispensers allows you to go beyond single portions, which are also harmful to the environment , and allows guests to fill sweet or savory preparations at the moment and in total autonomy. There are two types of dispensers: the heated dispenser is recommended for chocolate, creams, jams and honey and has a capacity of 3 kg; the basic dispenser , on the other hand, is not heated, is also suitable for savory sauces and condiments and is designed for 2.5 kg jars.

pancakes prepared with rondo unika, one of the machines recommended for street cooking

3. What if it was brunch?

Even if it represents a valid income, a breakfast that is too discounted risks being overlooked by guests, who prefer to have it elsewhere. There is no winning recipe and it is necessary to study contexts, costs and customer habits on a case-by-case basis, but proposing a special menu is an excellent lever to ensure a good number of people .

What do you think of a brunch with exclusive recipes ? For example, if your hotel is located near the sea, you could offer an awakening package with a yoga class on the beach and a selection of healthy dishes, such as salmon bagels with green beans . You can prepare them with Combi Wave , which cooks quickly and does not require highly qualified personnel, as in the case of a cook.

salmon bagel breakfast idea for innovative hotel management

What we have presented to you today are just some of the hotel-saving solutions. Are you looking for more information on the topic of horeca/coronavirus? In this special we have summarized all the essentials to know about social safety nets , while in this article you will find some ideas on how to deal with the moment of stalemate .

April 23, 2020
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