On May 4, a new phase for Italian catering began, loosening the brakes that had blocked it at the beginning of the lockdown. In fact, in the first months of quarantine, the Government had only allowed the home delivery formula , a solution accepted only by some bars and restaurants. Now that the much talked about Phase 2 has arrived , it is possible to carry out a take away service , offering the possibility of raising more shutters.

According to the analysis by Fipe-Confcommercio , around 30% of public establishments reopened this week. "Thanks to takeaway - explains the vicar president of the association Aldo Cursano - 60-70% of pizzerias, ice cream parlors and pastry shops have reopened and 10% of restaurants that cook takeaway dishes and bars that make coffee, cappuccinos and drinks".

In short, food to take away seems to be the only reasonable solution for now between delivery costs and the reopening of June 1, which will involve a massive revaluation of space and management of the venue . But what should be considered for a profitable take away service ? We offer you 3 reflections to restart.

1. Security

Ensuring the safety of employees and customers is an obligation regardless, but in a time of health emergency it becomes crucial. One of the elements to which customers will pay more and more attention will in fact be the cleanliness of the environment and the public will go more to the place they trust. For this you will not only have to respect the hygienic-sanitary standards, but also communicate them through social networks to reassure customers.

An example is the strategy of Yo Love, Anna Fulco's yoghurt and crêperie, which uses Instagram to show the safety of the take-away service and the take-away offer : to entice and reassure customers with photos, videos and first-person stories.

Furthermore, to guarantee the safety of the staff, it is necessary to reduce the number of people present in the kitchen and behind the counter to avoid gatherings. It is a sore and difficult point, many will still be on layoffs, but it can be mitigated with a counter solution that does not require specialized personnel and is easy to clean such as Combi Wave or Combi Wave Smart .

take away service

2. Timing

If in the delivery formula speed is decisive for the reputation of the restaurant - especially if the orders are placed via the app - in the take away service it also affects safety. The longer the preparation times, the longer the queue outside the venue and the queue has two domino effects:

1. social distancing is difficult to respect;

2. crowding scares and customers would evaluate the shopping experience as negative.

“The right equipment can change workflows a lot” says Salvatore, manager of the Battaglia Milano bar and bakery and Techfood customer. Salvatore has equipped his restaurant with Combi Wave to prepare a varied menu, valid throughout the day and ready in a few minutes without a flue.

The counter solutions of the Combi line, in fact, guarantee cooking times 20 times faster than the other solutions , a significant figure for a take away service that doesn't keep you waiting. To perfect it , the four recipes studied by chef Simone Rugiati can be added to the take-away menu.


3. Offer

As basic as speed and transport functionality are, takeout shouldn't compromise the menu. On the contrary, the forced reorganization of sales management is useful for re-evaluating the offer of the take away service to make a difference.

An example? Don't limit yourself to burgers and fries, but also offer complete first and second courses. If in the first phase of the quarantine everyone improvised cooks at home, in Phase 2 people may have gotten tired of cooking with a consequent high demand for dishes.

Focus on tradition by leveraging the local belonging of the clientele or on originality to intrigue customers. For example, Marco Spizzirri, manager of the Gran Caffè Leonetti , has introduced Choco Burger to renew the offer of his pastry shop with typically Calabrian flavours; or the owners of Gelateria Vullo, who bought Bubble Waffles to accompany ice cream and yoghurt.

May 07, 2020