With the start of the Phase 2 chat, bars and public merchants reopen. In such an uncertain moment, the questions that every manager, every bartender, every waiter asks are many, we tried to find answers with Gabriele Iori, Techfood marketing and communication manager, here is the future that awaits.

Has Techfood resumed all activities?

Yes, Techfood has resumed normal activities, from sales to assistance to production, re-adapting the organization to the extraordinary situation. We planned the workflow with alternating mid-day shifts . This allows us to reduce overcrowding in the company, to guarantee the protection of employees and to financially facilitate those who have exclusively received layoffs during the months of lockdown. We are operational, even customers can visit us in total safety and our chefs are once again available for training directly in the restaurant.

How did you react and manage the lockdown?

We immediately reassured the sales force who at the same time supported our customers relentlessly. However, the forced pause in production operations has not compromised the possibility of studying new strategies even remotely for the reopening of bars and clubs, there will be news soon. Furthermore, during the lockdown, our online communication never stopped . Indeed, we have taken advantage of the moment to continue to offer interesting contents and ideas for professionals in the horeca sector. Techfood, for example, was one of the first companies to openly talk about delivery shortly before it became a national trend.

How is catering changing and what should we expect?

The methods of consumption outside the home and frequenting clubs will certainly change. In these days there is a lot of discussion about the new regulations for catering, especially in terms of safety and sanitation. The distance between customers - and between customers and the counter - will lead to a decrease in the available covers with a consequent potential decrease in turnover. We need to rethink the organization of the place, the sanitization of the environments and communicate it to reassure the public. Great attention from customers is expected on compliance with health standards. From a TradeLab survey, later published in Horecanews , Italians will reward places that are able to guarantee the presence of a few people at the same time (75%), perfect cleanliness (59%) and the distance between the tables (50%).

At the business level instead?

It will be a temporary phase, but it will also be useful for re-evaluating the strategy and the factors that differentiate the venue from the competition on which to focus. The "bar reopening" theme has moved many activities blocked by a rigid sales system, completing the offline service with the online one; a business model less based on the physical premises and on direct contact, but more digitised. Daniele Contini, Country Manager of Just Eat Italia, stated in an article that following the lockdown the service has also developed in the provinces and smaller centres, currently covering 64% of the population and 100% of the municipalities with the most of 50 thousand inhabitants. These data clearly show how much the traditional bar should adapt to the new trend, which perhaps does not represent only a transitory moment.

Will takeaway be a valid sales alternative in the future?

I think so, because it's a good compromise between the playful aspect of eating out and safety in the sale of the product. It is certain that there will be a rapprochement with classic consumption, but it is also certain that it will hardly be the same as before in a short time. Take away and delivery are valid allies to reassure consumers and protect them together with employees.

Let's talk about small merchants, what are the most functional Techfood solutions?

In general , low food cost products are certainly the most suitable for small establishments . The Government has promised formulas to support the turnover of commercial activities , but real entrepreneurs also look at costs: effective net savings allow for higher revenues even in the face of declining turnover.
Among the possible Techfood solutions, the most suitable is Rondò Unika , the crêpes prepared with this machine have a food cost of €0.39 and are also sold for €4 per portion with good margins.

Then you can also focus on Ice N Roll , the station for instantly creaming ice cream in 30 seconds. It is an ingenious solution because it allows you to prepare single portions avoiding waste and to manage customers in line by ensuring the correct distance. Always to ensure safety, you can use dispensers for sauces or spreadable creams, Techfood for example has worked on a line in partnership with the Italian Food Factory. Thus, in addition to filling the croissant or hamburger in front of the customer, alluding to the freshness of the product, the circulation of individual single-serving jars among customers is limited.

Finally, we are studying an e-commerce dedicated to our customers which consists of a delivery platform. In this way, even small merchants can manage an essential service without the registration costs or withholding percentages typical of large platforms.

There is no shortage of reflections, ideas and Techfood solutions, as well as the availability on the subject of reopening bars. Contact us for technical support and professional advice , we are operational as always.

May 15, 2020