Dark kitchen: la cucina del futuro senza ristorante

Dark kitchen: the kitchen of the future without a restaurant

Dark kitchens are closed kitchens without a real restaurant: the evolution of food delivery. But do they really work?
Come rispondere a una recensione negativa

How to respond to a negative review

Has a negative comment arrived on your restaurant's Facebook page? Count to 10 and find out how to respond to a negative review.
October 07, 2020
Simone Rugiati: gestori come sceriffi della sicurezza

Simone Rugiati: managers as security sheriffs

We asked TV chef Simone Rugiati how to deal with the coronavirus catering issue. Valuable advice for managers came out of it.
Lockdown: come muoversi fra risorse e decreti

Lockdown: how to move between resources and decrees

Are you facing the temporary closure of your business and trying to figure out which social safety net to request? We explain it to you in the article.
March 26, 2020