Calcolo del Food Cost: le regole fondamentali

Food cost calculation: the basic rules

When it comes to opening a new business or improving the potential of already active establishments, it is essential to analyze all the variables that characterize the cost of a single dish, allowing you to have a clear overview of what your future expenses and earnings will be. Let's find out the rules of food cost.
Fidelizzare il cliente con il Customer Care

Building customer loyalty with customer care

Customer loyalty is a commitment that requires perseverance and foresight. Anyone who runs a bar or restaurant knows how difficult it is to always agree with the customer and how much requests and pressure can affect the relationship between the two sides of the counter. Knowing how to build customer loyalty does not simply mean knowing how to be a bartender or waiter well, but it also means knowing how to be a figure capable of relating correctly with the public. There are some precautions that go beyond the single relationship between the manager of a restaurant and the clientele, let's discover them together.
Come gestire un ristorante sui social: immagini e timing

How to manage a restaurant on social networks: images and timing

How to run a restaurant or cafe on social media, we will especially pay more attention to posting pictures and sharing frequency.
Come utilizzare Instagram per il food e la ristorazione

How to use Instagram for food and catering

How to use Instagram for food and catering. 10 practical examples that will make you appreciate the best strategies on photographic social media.
L’armonia tra birra e cucina

L’armonia tra birra e cucina

Le birre artigianali offrono una vasta gamma di stili e sapori unici, ciascuno con le proprie caratteristiche distintive che si prestano ad abbinamenti culinari creativi e appaganti. Dalle aromatiche IPA...
March 14, 2024
Come allestire un bar a Natale

Tips for setting up the bar at Christmas

Christmas is upon us and these days our cities are transformed with lights and colors that recall the Christmas festivities. If it is very easy to find ideas and suggestions for decorating your home online, it is not always easy to find just as many valid suggestions for creating a Christmas decoration for your bar or club.
Regolamento dehors per bar e locali, come fare?

Dehors regulation for bars and clubs, how to do it?

Dehors regulation, a world of municipal regulations that place restrictions on the furnishing of the summer expanse. With this article we will focus on the rules and aspects to be taken into consideration when extending your restaurant outdoors.
April 13, 2017
Ristrutturare un bar con poca spesa

Refurbish a bar on the cheap

It often happens that you have to give a new image to your establishment, trying to give it a makeover with very low budgets. Renovating a bar with investments that don't lighten the wallet too much isn't impossible, but it does require close attention to detail. In fact, those are the details capable of renovating a place with small gestures.
Attirare clienti in un bar con Facebook: idee e consigli

Attracting customers to a bar with Facebook: ideas and advice

Promoting a place on Facebook can prove to be a useful tool for attracting customers to a bar. Often what scares you is the budget, but with small precautions and a lot of constancy, monetary investment becomes just one of the options. In this and in the next articles we will explain in detail how to optimize the social presence of your restaurant.
Aprire un locale: le regole di business

Opening a restaurant: the business rules

Opening a restaurant can turn into a real adventure if you are not prepared. There are many steps to making your dream come true and running a business, and you often run the risk of tripping over very important aspects. With this article we will try to draw up a list of fundamental steps to open a restaurant.
Aprire un bar, consigli per la brand identity

Opening a bar, tips for brand identity

Whether it's for cocktails or a pub, the first step in opening a bar is to identify and build its own personality. The identity of an activity is a basic aspect for presenting values ​​and an evocative imagery to the public, an identity card created on the drawing board in which nothing is left to chance. So what are the elements that favor a strong brand identity? From the name of the restaurant to the proposed menu, from the logo to the furnishings.
L’investimento redditizio che moltiplica le tue possibilità

The profitable investment that multiplies your possibilities

A profitable investment that offers a varied and diversified proposition is essential to increase sales and expand your customer base. Techfood has studied some solutions for small and large catering able to multiply the possibilities with a single investment.