It often happens that you have to give a new image to your establishment, trying to give it a makeover with very low budgets. Renovating a bar with investments that don't lighten the wallet too much isn't impossible, but it does require close attention to detail. In fact, those are the details capable of renovating a place with small gestures.

Renovating a bar: the first steps

The first step in renovating a bar with a limited budget is to analyze how the place looks like before the intervention and identify which aspects you want to change, giving exact priority to the elements. In this way you will be able to divide the expenses in advance with a very clear idea of ​​the investments you will make. It is necessary to understand where to make the first interventions: on the lighting or on the walls, on the counter or on the furnishings.
Before going to renovate a bar, however, it is always important to consider its nature and build a good restyling project on the basis of this. If your place is a daytime bar, for example, bet a lot on the brightness of the rooms. The opposite case is instead the one for pubs and breweries where a soft atmosphere could be the best solution. To redo the look of a place, therefore, it is essential to already have in mind the idea that you want to give to the internal environment, what emotions you want to convey to the customer and what atmosphere you want to create.

New look with a splash of colour

The color of the walls in fact represents in itself a piece of furniture. For this reason, a simple and inexpensive way to give a new image to your place is the coloring of the walls. The moment of choosing the color is almost always a drama, but we advise you to choose light and soft shades for bars that are frequented especially in the morning or for small venues. In fact, the light color tends to make the rooms seem much larger.
For night bars, choose brighter nuances instead, perhaps concentrating the color on a single wall to lighten the visual perception. Use lively shades for places with a cheerful soul, while less saturated for luxury or vintage-style bars. To renovate a bar, you could use color to make your place recognizable: if the bar logo contains red, for example, paint part of the walls with that color.

Half beauty brightness

A good lighting system is able to give a new look to a room with a very low cost. Sometimes it's enough to arrange the furnishings and remove the curtains: a no-cost trick. In this way the light from the windows and shop windows enters better, giving a different look to the environment.
We can then go to work on the light points. In some cases it is possible to insert LED lights or spotlights, and create plays of light to make your room unique. It is important to think about the design of the lighting system, identifying hierarchies between the points of your room and placing, for example, a greater light source in the counter area.

The house wins

The counter is the undisputed protagonist of a place. Massive and very evident element, if you want to renovate a bar with little expense and focusing only on one aspect, the counter could be the solution you are looking for. The first piece of advice we give you is simple, but sometimes taken for granted: paint it. We can give a modern touch to a traditional counter with an enamel finish, preferably satin because it is the easiest to give and makes the piece of furniture exclusive.

Revolutionize the furniture

Changing the furnishings is one of the activities to renovate a bar that probably requires the largest economic investment. To cut costs, give a second life to tables and chairs with new colors and new furnishing elements, such as cushions or napkin holders. Take advantage of accessories such as frames (even of different styles to hang empty), blackboards and prints that give a precise image to your place. In this, vintage objects can be useful, which give a lived-in look, a story that your new bar can tell.
From lights to the counter, there are different ways to revamp the look of a venue on a budget. What is essential is to make a good estimate of expenses and focus on the aspects we prioritize. What else have you done to give your place a new look? Write it in the comments.