The data of the street food franchise is growing more and more, a sector that proves not only to be a well-established trend, but also to represent a real new business formula. According to the latest research, last year on-the-road activities grew by 13% to over 2,200 and 3 out of 4 Italians ate street food, important values ​​to take into consideration if you want to turn a trend into an opportunity of sale.
The data speak for themselves as well as the success that street food had at the latest edition of Sigep, the event that brings together the best entrepreneurial ideas for ice cream, pastry and bakery in Rimini every year. There are many proposals on four wheels, such as those of Techfood.

Pic&Go: practicality and wide range

The first feature that a street food corner must have is simplicity in transport and Pic&Go perfectly satisfies this request. Pic&Go is the new on the road idea by Techfood, presented at Sigep 2017. Thanks to its small size and modular shape, it is easy to move and when closed, the cart takes up little space.
Pic&Go is a strategic street food franchise: a reduced investment capable of multiplying sales opportunities. Despite its small size, it offers the opportunity to create a varied menu that ranges from sweet to savory in a small space. From crêpes to hamburgers to fried without oil, Pic&Go offers a wide choice to your potential customers. Quality dishes ready in a short time thanks to the innovative Techfood machines, such as the Combi Wave oven which cooks fragrant French fries without oil in less than 90 seconds, and Rondò Unika , the machine with interchangeable plates to prepare all types of desserts, savory crêpes and wraps .

Ice n Roll: amaze with ice cream

Another aspect that should not be underestimated when opening a street food franchise is the choice of food to focus on. To amaze everyone, Techfood offers an ace up its sleeve, ideal for any type of event. Ice n Roll is in fact the machine for instant freezing of ice cream that allows you to create infinite flavours.
You can serve Ice N Roll with classic cream flavors or fresh fruit, or propose new combinations that will arouse people's curiosity, making your street food corner a nerve center. From saffron to Parmigiano Reggiano, Ice n Rolls can also be prepared with an alcoholic base such as spritz, mojito and prosecco because focusing on an original proposal is the basis of a successful food truck.

Choco Kebab: sweet myth of the street food franchise

Choco Kebab has unparalleled success in the preparation of street food. An idea that comes from the ethnic tradition of the street kebab combined with that of the Piedmontese Cremino chocolate shop. A dessert studied in every detail to offer an impeccable take away service thanks to the functional packaging that allows you to eat easily even while standing.
From the experience of Choco Kebab also comes Choco Gelato , the summer version of the sweet Cremino Piemontese: an ice cream that is easy to store and quick to serve thanks to the individual packages. The machine for keeping the product fresh is ideal for a street food corner because it requires little space and can be stored anywhere without taking up space.
In summary, the two fundamental characteristics that cannot be missing for a successful street food franchise are practicality and originality of the offer. Techfood has been proposing ideal solutions for an on the road business for years, helping in the choice of the cart according to every need and personalizing it according to the final objective. To find out all the versions of easy-to-assemble corners and ideal for street food, consult the file dedicated to Corner DIY .
February 23, 2017