The frenetic rhythms of everyday life often lead to choosing the so-called quick lunch . Many people are forced to choose a quick and easy to take away lunch break, avoiding the longer times of a restaurant meal. Others decide to order food to take home for greater convenience or for economic reasons. The take away service is therefore constantly growing, a widespread phenomenon that involves the majority of Italians. According to research carried out in 2016, around 51% of the population has ordered in recent months, preferring take away and food delivery. What are the aspects that should never be overlooked in an offer to take away ?

Offer studied on the target

The research carried out by Gfk Eurisko has shown that with a frequency of 3 times a month, the office is the place from which the most orders are placed with home requests. If the target of your restaurant is mostly made up of workers who eat a meal during their lunch break, you should create special offers for this range. We're not just talking about the economic aspect (the classic proposal for which with 8€ of groceries, delivery is free), but about making the end customer satisfied with the delivered product. The take away service is often seen as a risk by the buyer because the food could arrive cold or spilled. It is necessary to rely on solid containers that can allow food to be transported without compromise, especially for those that offer a liquid meal.
Often and willingly, the home delivery menu is reduced compared to the classic one due to the technical aspect of transport. To make your establishment even more successful at lunchtime, expand the take-away offer with a varied menu. Not only sandwiches then, but also first courses, side dishes and second courses without sacrificing taste. To create hot dishes in a short time, you can rely on Combi Wave , the multifunction oven that allows you to cook any type of food in different ways and in a short time. So when the order arrives you can start preparing the dish immediately, beating all the competition on time.

Contact care

About 39% of Italians who decide to order takeaway do so by phone. A classic method which, however, is being joined by other methods of contact such as digital take-away . The ability to book a dish online is a typical behavior of the new generations, who use smartphones and applications dedicated to take-away. For this reason it is essential to carefully take care of your online contacts, keeping them updated and making them easy to find. In this regard, we present one of our articles on optimizing the information on your restaurant's Facebook page, a small trick that can prove to be a winning strategy. Before ordering, many customers tend to look for information online and in recent years Facebook has positioned itself among the first platforms consulted for this type of research. Zuckerberg also announced an upcoming Facebook feature that will allow users to order food directly from the venue's business page. A move to centralize traffic on its platform by getting rid of applications dedicated to the take away service.

Timing of the take away service

Although speed in take-out is a very discriminating factor, don't let me make you make promises that cannot be kept. Usually the customer always asks what time he will arrive or will have to come and collect the food, do the right calculations without indicating an inconsequential time. Be realistic with your customers, the perception of time when waiting for your dish tends to dilate so one piece of advice we want to give you is to accept that it takes a certain amount of time to travel a certain distance. Unless you have Usain Bolt as your food deliver !
Expanding the take-away menu, taking care of your contacts and having real timing are all aspects that will make your take-away service a positive experience for the customer. From the moment of choosing the venue to the delivery of the food, every crucial phase must be carefully studied to increase home sales and enter the take-away market. If you are interested in receiving some more information, write your request in the comments. We will be happy to assist you.
January 12, 2017