Christmas is upon us and these days our cities are transformed with lights and colors that recall the Christmas festivities. If it is very easy to find ideas and suggestions for setting up your home on the net, it is not always easy to find just as many valid suggestions for creating an arrangement for the bar or your club.
Just because hints aren't easy to find doesn't mean they aren't important. Creating a Christmas atmosphere in your place is an excellent idea to attract more people who stroll during these shopping weekends or tourists with the desire to celebrate, but also groups of friends who meet to wish each other good wishes with an aperitif or a snack the days before the holidays.
Some may choose to dedicate part of the budget to a window dresser to help them in setting up and making the most suitable choices, however it is important to make some assessments first to allow the professional to work well. With this article we try to help you. For those who want to dedicate themselves to DIY, we have collected some inspirations that can help you.
The first assessment to make concerns the target of your establishment . The correct choice is based on the expectations and tastes of your clientele.
The most important is the discriminating personal data, i.e. whether your place is frequented by families, young people or adults. If your bar is frequented by families, it is important to use bright colors and the classic iconography of Santa Claus and the Epiphany. Sweets and shapes that stimulate the imagination of the little ones and can be a pastime and a fun game for them.
If, on the other hand, our place is frequented above all by young people, we can think of decorations with more trendy colors, such as fuchsia, marsala, opaque black and white, to be used above all if your place is active especially in the evening and during aperitif time .
Finally, if we have an older audience, we can be inspired by more classic and precious colors such as red, gold, blue and silver.
Once the target has been identified and the colors of the decorations chosen, let's analyze which are the most important parts of the room to decorate:
  • the windows that give on the outside
  • the entrance doors
  • the counter
  • the tables
As far as the external showcase is concerned, it is the focal point , the first thing customers see when they choose to enter or not. It is therefore important that it creates an atmosphere, captures attention and arouses the desire to enter.
The front door is another important element, if our restaurant has the style and a very familiar environment we can also think of embellishing it with a garland as in homes.
If we have plenty of glass we can play with Christmas stencils.
Inside the venue it is very important to respect the style and target of your venue, which must already be glimpsed from the window and the entrance door.
If we want to propose an elegant style, it is important to keep a monochromatic tone. If, on the other hand, they have a more radical chic style, we can offer decorations made with pine cones, holly and other natural elements.
If we have a wine shop and we focus particularly on the offer of wine, there are many ideas for decorations made with cork stoppers, which create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We advise you to take inspiration and ideas from the many existing Pinterest profiles
Finally, we must not forget to decorate the counter, for example with special festoons, and the tables of the room.
It is also important not to overlook the details of the service, such as decorations on the plates with Christmas themes, coffee with a chocolate in the shape of a Christmas tree or a star, red or green napkins.
Remember that the holidays are an important moment for the progress and closure of the year and this is a moment to take full advantage of. Do you agree with us? Leave us a comment to tell us what you think.