Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and a great opportunity to increase your business's profits . While many people are busy hunting for discounts in stores, you can attract customers to your cafe by offering special promotions, creating a welcoming atmosphere and offering delicious drinks and snacks. Here's how to organize your business to make the most of Black Friday.



Create Special Promotions

One of the most effective tactics to attract customers to your cafe on Black Friday is to offer special promotions. This could include discounts on drinks or certain menus, extended "happy hour" offers or promotional packages that include drinks and food at a great price. Be sure to promote these offers in advance through social media, your website and billboards in your venue.

Renew the Menu

Update your menu with Black Friday-themed drinks . Give creative names to your cocktails, inspired by shopping offers, such as "Sale at the Sip" or "Spritz of the Sale". Make sure your customers are excited to try something new during their visit.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Black Friday can be chaotic and stressful for many customers. Your business can become an oasis of relaxation in the midst of this frenzy. Beautify with decorations, soft lighting and pleasant music. Make sure your staff is well trained to provide friendly and attentive service.

Organize Special Events

To attract an even larger crowd, hold special events on Black Friday. You can organize themed evenings , such as karaoke or a live concert, or organize a drink tasting in collaboration with an alcohol brand. Special events can attract a diverse clientele and create a lively atmosphere.









Offer Snacks and Takeaway Food

Many people spend several hours shopping on Black Friday and may want a quick snack . Offer takeaway food such as savory or sweet crêpes , first courses prepared with Steamì and served in disposable cups andSpace Buns , so that customers can take a break without having to abandon shopping.



Promote Your Bar Online

Make sure you take full advantage of the power of online marketing . Post regularly on social media to promote special offers, events and menus. Also, make sure your website is updated with all the information about Black Friday and your cafe.

Offer Home Delivery Options

If your place offers takeout food or drinks, consider home delivery. Many people prefer to shop online on Black Friday and would appreciate the convenience of having their food and drinks delivered straight to their door.


Make the most of Black Friday by following our suggestions. Prepare for the arrival of customers and create an unforgettable experience. With the right promotions, a welcoming atmosphere and an interesting and dedicated offer, your place will be a point of reference for those looking for a bit of relaxation during the shopping frenzy.


October 19, 2023