Theme parties are a perfect way to create special moments and involve the participants in a unique experience. When you return from your holidays , one of the most intriguing and fascinating options is certainly the organization of a Greek evening in your club. Imagine transporting your customers in a Mediterranean atmosphere, among millenary traditions, culinary delights and endless fun. In this article, we will explore the secrets to organizing an unforgettable Greek party that will leave everyone in awe and allow you to experience holiday sensations for a while longer.

Mediterranean atmosphere

To create the authentic atmosphere of a Greek party, the setting is essential. Use colors such as white and blue - to recall the Greek seascape - and add decorative details such as Greek polystyrene columns, light fabrics on the walls and lanterns. You can also arrange a few tables outside, perhaps with gingham tablecloths and wooden chairs for a rustic touch.

Traditional Music

Music plays a crucial part in enlivening any party, and a Greek fiesta is no exception. Create a playlist of traditional Greek songs, ranging from romantic ballads to lively beats. For an even more authentic experience, consider hiring a live band to play traditional Greek instruments like the bouzouki.

Dedicated poster

Create a poster that recalls the Hellenic world to attract customers. You can use images of iconic monuments such as the Acropolis or the Aegean sea, and maybe add some touches of lettering inspired by the Greek alphabet to give it a touch of authenticity.

Greek Food

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of a Greek feast is the food. Offer a buffet full of Greek specialties such as a moussaka prepared with Combi Wave , souvlaki, dolmades , tzatziki and pita cooked with Rondò Unika . Don't forget to include a large selection of cheeses and olives . You can also organize an outdoor barbecue space to prepare souvlaki in the traditional way or, again, take advantage of the potential of the Combi Wave.

 Drinks and Cocktails

Traditional Greek drinks such as ouzo and rakia are a must. Plus, create a selection of Greek-inspired cocktails, using ingredients like lemon and pomegranate. An absolute must is the Greek Mojito, made by adding local honey to the classic fresh mint leaves. 

Dress Code

Invite your staff to wear clothes that recall Greek culture. Men will be able to show off white shirts and light trousers , while women will opt for light colored dresses and leather sandals, perhaps with accessories that refer to the ancient Greek tradition.

Thematic photobooth

Create a photobooth with Greek-inspired backdrops where customers can take fun photos and keepsakes from the evening.

Organizing a Greek party in your establishment is an exciting opportunity to share culture, food and joy with the regular clientele and attract new patrons . From food to entertainment, every aspect can be shaped to create an authentic and unforgettable experience . By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to turn your local into a temporary stop in wonderful Greece.