The Christmas period is synonymous with celebration, joy and conviviality, and your local Techfood can make the most of this spirit to increase sales during the holidays. In this article, we will explore some creative and effective marketing strategies to attract customers and maximize revenue during this special period.

1. A great menu

As already suggested in our last article , a thematic Christmas menu can be a key element in attracting new customers and increasing sales. From sushi delights to salmon mortadella and cannelloni to irresistible desserts like the Space Bun , be sure to include wintery and festive flavors on your menu. The presentation is equally important: decorate the desserts in a creative way, for example creating Christmas trees with crêpes and chocolate using the potential of Rondò Unika


2. A gift for your loyal customers

Take advantage of Christmas to thank the loyal customers of your restaurant. Offer them a small gift, such as chocolates for bar patrons or biscuits with the words "Best Wishes" written on them for customers at a pastry shop. Furthermore, your place could become a last-minute solution for those looking for special gifts , offering gift packs of wine, coffee, preserves or Christmas sweets.

3. The promotional spirit of Christmas

Promotions are a key strategy for increasing sales . Organize Christmas contests, special discounts or themed days. Trying your luck is also always a popular experience, and during the Christmas period, the desire to win often mixes with the festive atmosphere. While the traditional tombola might seem old-fashioned, making small modifications and customizations can transform it into an engaging and current moment of aggregation. Variants such as peaches or lotteries offer an intriguing alternative. Alternatively, you could organize a pleasant moment during which you offer a Christmas aperitif and involve customers in an exchange of gifts in full "Secret Santa" style: everyone places a gift under the tree, which will subsequently be assigned through a random draw . Novelty and interest will attract customers to your establishment during the holidays.

4. Social communication, the comet

Use social media like a star to bring the public to your venue. Personalize your venue's social profiles with Christmas-themed covers and profile images. Take advantage of reels and stories to present the themed menu , share funny shots and videos to capture attention. Communication must reflect the joyful spirit of Christmas, conveying the idea that your venue is the perfect place to spend special moments.

5. Events for special days

If you host special events or discount days, use Facebook events to inform customers. Provide all the necessary information about the party, increasing anticipation and excitement.
Remember to share the link to the event also in your Instagram stories.

The Christmas period is a golden opportunity to increase sales and build customer loyalty. Take advantage of these strategies to ride the holiday wave and make your venue the point of reference for special moments during Christmas.

Share your strategies with us in the comments and happy holiday sales!

December 14, 2023