The arrival of the cold season can stiffen ice cream sales and freeze the takings of establishments such as ice cream parlors and pastry shops that offer cold products. In order not to let your income go into hibernation, we have compiled four ideas for ice cream parlors in winter. Four solutions to not be limited by any seasonal constraints .

Why not hibernate?

In 2018, there were a total of 19,113 Italian ice cream companies , including pastry shops, ice cream parlors and manufacturing companies that deal with the production of ice cream. A sector with an annual turnover of 1.5 billion euros, most of which comes from spring and summer sales. Although the peak of earnings is concentrated during the summer, it is important to keep sales warm even when the cold arrives .

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Closing the business from December to March not only leads to economic disadvantages. Imagine that one of your most loyal customers wants to buy ice cream to take to Christmas dinner with friends and serve with warm slices of pandoro. But when he finds your ice cream parlor closed, he opts for another place. On such an occasion you would not only miss the collection, but you would risk losing the customer's trust.

“Keeping an ice cream parlor running in winter has costs, and these are often higher than the overall income” you could object. However, the costs can be balanced with winter solutions, let's find out which ones.

Rondò Unika warms up the winter

We can't help it: summer is now a memory, but above all “winter is coming”. Autumn thus becomes the best time to invest in winter solutions, as did Clara Paganardi of the Km Zero Gelateria in Milan .

the managers of the km zero ice cream parlor in milan

His is an ice cream shop specializing in organic ice cream made with km0 raw materials, which also offers vegan and sugar-free alternatives such as stevia ice cream, ideal for diabetics. The attention and research for quality led the ice cream parlor to choose Techfood for the winter.

“For the winter period - says Clara Paganardi - we have chosen to rely on you after a long search by Filippo Solieri, our ice cream maker, on the best solutions for the cold season. We wanted to have a product to boost sales in the winter months .”

The Gelateria Km Zero has chosen to increase the offer without seasonal constraints with Rondò Unika, the machine with 5 interchangeable plates for preparing sweet or savory crêpes, pancakes , waffles, donuts and churros.

“We were struck by the compact appearance of the Rondò Unika machine - explains Clara Paganardi - our restaurant is small and they were looking for a space-saving solution. And with Rondò Unika we have a single machine, compact and able to offer many proposals . It is very versatile, and this is definitely its plus point.”

With Rondò Unika you can serve a winter alternative to your ice cream parlor customers, combining hot desserts with ice cream with seasonal ingredients.

chocolate crepe made with Rondò Complex

Not just hot chocolate

The cold stimulates customers to hole up in the premises to sometimes indulge in some whim . So why not focus on chocolate, differentiating yourself from traditional hot chocolate with an original idea? Choco Burger and Choco Kebab will help you in this, the two ideas for ice cream parlors in winter with an irresistible taste that are increasingly in demand by the Italian public.

Choco Burger is the chocolate burger wrapped between two waffles , to be served filled with cream, sprinkles, creams, fruit and even with ice cream. It lends itself to every season with its four flavor variations, some of which are perfect for a winter proposal (dark chocolate and hazelnuts, dark chocolate with orange and cinnamon and milk chocolate and amaretto).

Choco Kebab is, on the other hand, the chocolate kebab that combines the traditional taste of Piedmontese cremino with the famous Middle Eastern dish. The result is an original sweet kebab , perfect as an alternative to crêpes and easy to fill with any ingredient.

Sales explode with Bubble Waffle

Among the most extravagant ideas for ice cream parlors in winter isBubble Waffle, the waffle with bubbles that is all the rage on Instagram. With over 144,000 posts tagged with the hashtag #BubbleWaffle , it's one of the trends of the moment that will allow you to ignite your takings in the coldest period.

To be offered in sweet and savory versions, the waffle with bubbles increases sales opportunities for your ice cream shop. It is a solution with no seasonal constraints, perfect for any time of the year.

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With our ideas for ice cream shops, winter has never been so hot. You won't be forced to freeze your business for months waiting for the warm season, you can continue to sell and always earn. From crêpes to waffles with bubbles, which proposal for winter intrigues you the most? Write it to us in the comments and if interested, contact us immediately for a consultation .