A profitable investment that offers a varied and diversified proposition is essential to increase sales and expand your customer base. An ice cream parlor, for example, might not only sell ice cream, but also crepes, waffles, and pancakes. In some cases, a machine dedicated to the preparation of each individual product is required, but this is not the case with Techfood technologies. Techfood has in fact studied some solutions for small and large restaurants capable of multiplying the possibilities with a single investment.

Rondo Unika

A single machine that allows you to prepare more than five different products. Crêpes, waffles, churros, donuts, pancakes and tortillas are just some of the courses Rondò Unika can prepare. An interchangeable multifunction plate that satisfies every customer wish: with a simple click you can switch between hot plates in seconds.

An ice cream parlor can therefore offer the same ice cream in a different way, perhaps accompanied by a soft waffle or wrapped in a warm crêpe. Rondò Unika is also suitable for all places that want to increase their offer such as pizzerias, bars, pastry shops and fast-food restaurants. In addition to the practical versatility, the machine has the incredible advantage of requiring little space. Another example of a profitable investment that multiplies the offer of a place.

Combi Wave

Imagine a machine that can cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill and fry without oil. It is not a dream, but it really exists in reality. Designed by Techfood Combi Wave is a multifunctional countertop oven that offers the possibility of preparing varied menus for a large audience.

Designed for both large and small restaurants Combi Wave is a machine that allows you to add dishes prepared in a short time with low consumption to the offer of your establishment. An oven that acts as a grill, microwave and fryer without taking up too much space, useful for creating a large assortment of dishes. From sweet to savoury, Combi Wave is a profitable investment that allows you to effectively multiply the potential of the venue.

Ice n Roll

If in the case of Combi Wave and Rondò Unika a single machine allows you to multiply the offer, with Ice n Roll you will be able to expand it by proposing a unique ice cream. Ice n Roll is a machine for instant freezing, ideal for adding more flavor and a touch of originality to summer menus. In fact, the ice cream takes on a curled shape with a perfect consistency, even for being combined in an imaginative way . The traditional ham and melon, for example, could be served for a fresh aperitif with melon ice n roll ice cream and slices of ham.

Ice n Roll is suitable for all places that want to increase the possibilities on offer, from restaurants to bars. The versatility of the machine lies in the preparation of ice cream. With Ice n Roll you can not only serve traditional ice creams with creams or fresh fruit, but also with the flavor of Spritz, mojito, gorgonzola and parmesan.


Techfood has also launched a new entrepreneurial solution to multiply the potential of a restaurant. Pic Nic is a turnkey shop that allows you to create a point of sale to offer first courses, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, crêpes and much more. Ideal not only for restaurateurs who want to expand their business but also for those taking their first steps in catering because contacts with suppliers are already established by Techfood.

Attention to innovation and a good profitable investment capable of multiplying the offer is essential for a place that wants to satisfy customer needs, increasing customer success and loyalty.