The Piedmontese cremino conquers the palates of the Chinese, enthusiastic about the inauguration of the first Shanghai Choco Kebab corner. Fantasy, innovation and fun, these are the key words that characterize Choco Kebab , the first chocolate twister made in Italy.
White and milk chocolate curls are increasingly in demand both nationally and internationally. There are many restaurant managers in foreign countries who have decided to rely on Techfood for the export of Choco Kebab, such as Australia, Chile, Poland and Turkey. Now the sweet kebab has also managed to enchant the Far East with incredible success.
Choco Kebab was born from the desire to celebrate the quality of the products, combined with a pinch of creativity and technology. It is a corner of haute patisserie made up of a refrigerated display case which keeps the maxi-cream of chocolate at the correct temperature. The spit is sold together with a double plate crêpes machine, which delicately cooks the instant and ready-to-use mixture in a few seconds. The kebab-shaped chocolate cremino is cut into thin curls and flakes and is used to fill the Choco Pita .