Promoting a place on Facebook can prove to be a useful tool for attracting customers to a bar. Often what scares you is the budget, but with small precautions and a lot of constancy, monetary investment becomes just one of the options. In this and in the next articles we will explain in detail how to optimize the social presence of your restaurant.

Facebook: what content to post?

For many managers, the first obstacle is to understand what type of content to publish on your Facebook page to involve your audience and attract customers to a bar or club.

For a page to be active it is important that it meets what interests and likes its users . We must therefore make the creative effort not to focus on what communications we would like to do, but what our current customers are most passionate about in order to find new people similar to those who have already chosen us.

To know how to do this, it is important to be curious, study your customers both offline and on social networks. What does it do? What does he like best? What does he usually talk about? What does it share? The answer to these questions can help us understand which content is most suitable for us. We must also remember that Facebook is a generalist social network, where people talk about various topics, just like at the bar, from politics to the pizza eaten the night before, from intimate confidences to witty jokes.

A few examples that can inspire your local and restaurant pages with excellent Facebook page management.

The first example we point out for content management is that of Maido , a take away restaurant in Milan. The specialty of this restaurant is Japanese cuisine, with attention to detail also in the presentation of the dishes. What makes the Maido page interesting is the thematic coherence with the offer it proposes. In addition to the images of the courses, content not strictly related to food, but related to Japanese culture is shared. References to Japanese culture attracts a number of fans who willingly participate and interact with the page.

Post on Facebook with miso soup prepared in the Maido restaurant in Milan. An example of attracting customers to a bar example-attracting-customers-to-a-maido-bar-2

Images and words, even if of more general topics, must always refer to the passions of the public you intend to involve and the tone of voice must be consistent with the atmosphere that reigns in your establishment .

Not just pictures of dishes, you could come up with a weekly fixture where you show off the behind-the-scenes work. An artisan ice cream shop, for example, could make a live video during the production of the ice cream, showing all the steps needed to prepare a particularly difficult flavor or the one most loved by customers. In this regard we point out the Facebook page of the Gelateria VIEL , managed with great joy by the owners. With a good frequency, information is shared on the sweet offer of the place, preferring above all the video type. The publication of audiovisual materials is an excellent strategy for promoting a venue on Facebook, since videos have greater visibility than all other types of posts and are confirmed as a very captivating tool for the public.

Staff introductions could also be an easy, yet engaging way to create content and attract customers to a cafe or club. For this type of publication, we advise you to be inspired by the Mantra Raw Vegan page where a photo is shared every week with one of the staff members accompanied by a description that tells the story of the person. Ideal for a place where many people work, by tagging everyone's personal profile you can expand your awareness.

In terms of content, you need to identify what can best seduce and engage your audience, sometimes starting with chatter over the counter.

How to get started: Open a bar's Facebook page

Before starting, it is necessary to make a distinction between a fan page and a personal profile. It often happens to come across private profiles used to promote an activity on Facebook. It is good to remember that in recent years Facebook has been moving against fake profiles whose name does not correspond to a person's name and surname. The first reason to open a page or convert your profile into a page (link to Facebook conversion guide) is not to have your profile banned from Facebook and lose all the work done.  Furthermore, the fan page offers different potentials than those of the personal profile and are indispensable for those who want to expand their business.

Optimizing a Facebook page: the basics

First of all, it is essential that the page presents all the information necessary for the public. Facebook is increasingly consulted for exact information on opening hours and geographical location, to choose the right place for your needs based on the menu, the dishes and the reviews of other users on the page. For this reason, filling in the information fields is essential. In the images below you will have an example of the data to provide to Facebook, from the opening to the menu, from the street address to the price range. It is also important to set up your page as a local business so that people passing through a city can easily locate your place.

Facebook fan page graphic with the information needed to attract customers to a café: opening hours, menus, directions example-attracting-customers-to-a-bar-main-info-2

The first step to promoting a place on Facebook in the best way is to provide all the necessary details when making the decision. Offering as much information as possible allows you to attract customers to a bar and increase the possibility of being chosen. And to facilitate communication with the public, the platform allows you to insert a button on the page to contact the venue, by calling or writing a message. A very useful feature for those who usually accept reservations.

We have summarized some basic tips in creating a Facebook page for a bar or club, next week we will talk about how to manage images and the frequency of posting. If there is any other information you would like to receive and learn more about, write us in the comments.