Eating away from home with children can prove to be a titanic undertaking for both parents and restaurant managers. Creating a positive experience for younger customers and evaluating the elements that transform a restaurant business into a restaurant for children are two important factors in increasing sales and retaining the market share made up of families.

Children, small adults

The transformation of a place designed mainly for adults into a restaurant for children must start from the idea that children are customers and must be treated as such. If age permits, address the little ones directly when ordering, asking what they prefer and offering ideas for an appetizing menu.

Special but healthy menu

It's easy to see that adult portions will always be too large for children. Designing a special menu for younger customers is a simple solution to reduce waste, but not only. Parents particularly appreciate the attention that a place can have towards their children, so they will be more inclined to return, confident that they can count on a proposal designed for children.

In a restaurant for children, the menu must be designed inspired by that of adults, but trying to bring fantasy to the table. Very often children are difficult to please in the kitchen, but with the right amount of creativity, even the hated broccoli can be presented on the plate. Build a healthy and varied menu, you will make parents and children happy as they can choose from several courses. However, it is known that little ones cannot resist unhealthy food, such as french fries, with Combi Wave you can fry without oil, as well as cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill and boil any food.

Expectations difficult to manage

In a post on our Facebook page we talked about the perception of expectations, which becomes difficult to manage especially with a child. If for some adults it is tiring to bear the arrival of their plate, for the little ones the interval of time is centuries old. To prevent the child from becoming stressed, making the parents nervous, we must offer alternatives to waiting. An idea could be to print drawings on placemats and bring the little customer crayons and felt-tip pens to color in until the course arrives.

Kid friendly furnishings

In a restaurant for children, furnishings dedicated to children cannot be missing. Not only high chairs or booster seats for those who are already older, but also changing tables in the bathroom to make the task easier for parents. You could also evaluate the purchase of a special service for children, colorful and with kid-friendly shapes. In this way they can eat without the danger of hurting themselves and with cutlery that does not weigh too much for their strength.

Every venue should consider how best to cater to younger customers. If the parents are satisfied with the relationship between staff and their children, they will gladly come back. And from the point of view of finances, everything will be for the better.

October 14, 2016