Dehors regulation, a world of municipal regulations that place restrictions on the furnishing of the summer expanse. If in a previous article we advised you on how to decorate the expanse, with this article we will focus on the rules and aspects to take into consideration to expand your restaurant outside.

Dehors regulation: first steps

The first step in opening a summer expanse is to proceed with the request for the release of a public land concession. In this way you will be able to legally place chairs and tables in city and public areas. The request must be made to the technical office of the municipality in which the activity to be expanded is located and presented to the one-stop shop for productive activities (SUAP), since it is a commercial activity.
There are different typologies for the dehors regulation, which vary according to the local administration. In general we find two models: one type of permanent land occupation, i.e. that exceeds the year of the permit, and another temporary one, which instead refers to a seasonal permit.

Investment and costs

Before proceeding with the requests to the Municipality to which you belong, it is good to keep in mind the costs for opening and managing an outdoor space. From the municipal tax to the equipment to make the expanse more comfortable, the expenses should be covered by the receipts, allowing for a higher income.
The costs of occupying public land vary from city to city and can be different even within the same municipal area, based on the location of the venue that wants to open the summer expanse. The dehors regulation, as you can imagine, could turn out to be a real insurmountable wall, but given the continuous demand, local administrations are improving their services.

Foresight and profit

Although there are permits for the occupation of public land during the season and the initial cost of the investment can affect the economy of a restaurant business, the summer expanse is less and less linked to the summer. Thanks to the outdoor heating systems, the expanse has become a space used every day of the year, making it possible to recover the costs of the initial investment and to expand the number of seats – and drinks – 365 days a year.
The outdoor area regulation varies according to the local administration, but there are some aspects to take into consideration when deciding to open a summer area. Local regulations, costs and investment foresight. To increase your audience and revenues, a valid alternative to the expanse of a room is the design of a take-away space outside your place. With Techfood you can study the best solution for your needs, discover the Corner DIY mobile station.
April 13, 2017