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Food is one of the most popular topics on Instagram. In fact, we all like to look at beautiful pictures of well-packed dishes. However, it is essential that the images are beautiful. Which means: well-lit, sharp photos, in a fresh and clean context. Just seeing a photo done this way makes our mouths water. This does not happen if the photos are not taken in a workmanlike manner. From this point of view, for anyone in the food and restaurant business it is important to know how to take beautiful images.
Your customers expect you to use visual platforms like Instagram, as well as Facebook, to promote your products, offer recipe ideas, announce events and promotions, and show some of your private, human side.
But what are the factors that determine success for those involved in food?
Here are some successful accounts for inspiration.
1) Bien Cuit
The phrase "bien cuit" is what French chefs use to describe the darkest, crunchiest loaves of bread. It's the phrase that also inspires the photography style of this New York oven that publishes symmetrical photos where dark and rich colors are combined with off-white backgrounds or intense colors. The very clear images make the crunchiness of the bread palpable.
FOMU presents itself as an alternative, unconventional ice cream shop. It's no surprise then that they use their Instagram account to post pictures of their non-traditional flavors, such as cider, mulled wine, cardamom, pistachio and maple.
3) Fourquarters
Fourquarter is a restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin that is well known for its unique and ever-changing menu. In the Instagram feed, their trusted customers can find the newest offers and the most delicious dishes. They take pictures of their appetizers that are always very colorful and meticulously organized.
4) Oreos
Brand much loved by Instagrammers. Use your account to show how creative you can be with a classic cookie. Use solid colors or pinks and yellows that create a strong contrast with the colors of the cookies. Often they make series of photos with a single theme for a short period of time, such as photos of people with the cookie for a head or use the cookie as a platform where some figures experience a surreal scene.
5) Pabst Blue Ribbon
Pabst Blue Ribbon knows how to get creative with a simple can of beer. His Instagram channel is regularly filled with photographs in keeping with the artistic vibe of the brand. In one of the last photos, the ET character drinks the brand's beer. Image that cannot fail to attract the attention of all that generation who grew up loving the film of the little extraterrestrial.
6) Pilgrims pizza
This New York pizzeria posts many delicious photos of pizza set in different contexts. They also post lots of funny photos of the staff singing their hearts out, pizza in hand, or a waiter pretending to play a guitar made out of pizza. People love these fun and light photos because they show the human side of the brand.
7) Nature's Path Organic ()
Independent family business known for fresh organic ingredients from its farm, such as granola , waffles and cereals. Its audience is interested in a healthy lifestyle and that's why Nature's Path Organic regularly publishes photos of its products surrounded by nature and with people who are very active or who are dedicated to sporting or adventurous activities.
8) Brewdogs
Brewdog's mission is not only to sell great beer, but to make people as passionate about craft beer as they are. One of the ways they do this is by posting pictures of beer and tastings or the brewing process of the beer itself. The images are often dark, high definition with a smattering of brown, blue and red hues.
9) Chobani
How many things can you do with a few spoonfuls of yogurt? Chobani challenges us by posting endless creative recipe ideas on her Instagram feed, like Blueberry Vanilla Popsicles, Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola, Healthy Yogurt Toasts.
10) The Boathouse Palm Beach
Everything about the Boathouse restaurant in Palm Beach, Australia is nautically themed, from the blue and white striped awnings, to the anchors drawn in cinnamon to decorate the cappuccino. You can easily picture yourself sitting on a seaside terrace breathing in the salty air while gazing at their profile. The folks at The Boathouse do a great job on their Instagram channel of luring us into their venue, with bright, well-lit photos of menu offerings, boats, and other marine-themed subjects.
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