Bars and clubs look to young people as an interesting target, capable of being the first to appreciate original business ideas and current trends . This is why it is important to broaden the offer with new experiences for the palate. Let's find out together how these machines are also able to ride the wave of 2020 food trends.

1. Alternative meat burgers

In 2019 we heard a lot about fake burgers, i.e. vegetarian burgers that look and taste like animal meat burgers. And to ride the trend, we asked chef Simone Rugiati to prepare a veg burger with ovens from the Combi line . The recipe will soon arrive on the blog, in the meantime you can test the versatility of Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart and prepare vegetable chips, like executive chef Eugenia Botti does .
With the arrival in Italy of Beyond Meat, a giant in the sector, 2020 will also see these sandwiches as protagonists: our answer to the Impossible Burgers is the Choco Burger , the chocolate burger that makes your mouth water just by looking at it in the special dispay window.
The sandwich pods are prepared in a few seconds by pouring the mixture onto the special Rondò plate. The chocolate medallion is ready: a disc with a kiss, white chocolate and biscuit, amaretto, dark chocolate with orange and cinnamon flavour, to which are added the new variants Oreo, Speculoos, Kinder Cereali dark or Kinder Cereali bianco.
girl holding a chocolate burger trend 2020

2. The last frontier of free from

If in recent years we have in fact witnessed an increase in the consumption of free from products, 2020 will see the definitive consecration of alternative flours . Techfood also embraces this trend identified by Whole Foods Market: in addition to producing gluten-free versions, we use plant-based proteins in most of our mixes and insert functional ingredients into them, such as turmeric in the Choco Kebab pita mix.

3. Toppings good for health

Among the original business ideas, a place of honor goes to the waffle with bubbles, which ranks among the most delicious and famous street food delicacies. With over 216,000 posts tagged with the hashtag #BubbleWaffle , it's one of the trends of the moment so loved by young people.
Preparing it is simple with the Bubble Waffle plate : in a few moments a waffle takes shape to be filled with creams, ice cream and fruit. According to research conducted by Whole Foods Market, one of the 2020 food trends will be that of alternative sugars: reductions in fruit such as pomegranate, coconut and dates can be ideal solutions for creating a topping that is both sweet and healthy. A sweet potato syrup can instead become an excellent substitute for honey.
The non-stick and self-cleaning Teflon equipment can be positioned anywhere in the room, because it does not require an extractor hood. If the shape of Bubble Waffle intrigues the public, its food cost attracts venue managers looking for original business ideas: the cost of a portion starts at €0.40 .
bubble waffle one of the original business ideas for cafe
What are the 2020 food trends that you like the most? For more details about our solutions, you can contact us or write a comment.