The world of bar management is full of challenges: juggling competition, cost items and new market trends requires strategy and versatility. In the delicate balance between fixed and variable costs, you will need the right allies to limit expenses and waste without renouncing the quality of the offer.

Techfood has been studying the large and small catering sector for 30 years and offers real made in Italy solutions for guaranteed savings. To reduce bar management costs, it is recommended to focus on equipment that is:

- versatile , to help you optimize your investment by multiplying the offer with a single machine;

- fast , to reduce consumption and prepare food on demand and therefore without leftovers;

- space-saving and without the need for a flue, to be positioned even in small or poorly equipped rooms;

- easy to use , to avoid qualified personnel and indeed reduce the necessary personnel;

- low energy consumption , so as not to burden the budget and the environment.

Do you think it is impossible to have all these advantages in a single food machine? We even propose 3 of them for your bar management:

The Combi Wave benchtop system

Combi Wave is a latest generation countertop oven and cooker, an intelligent cooking system that combines turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwaves. It allows you to cook, heat, defrost, boil, toast, grill and fry any food without oil . It is also available in a reduced version, Combi Wave Smart , suitable for small bars.

Preparation times are very fast and decrease up to 10 times. It is very simple to use and thanks to the integrated recipe book you can offer appetizers, first and second courses, desserts and appetizers at any time of the day. Combi Wave is designed to minimize energy consumption and can also cook in stand-by mode.

Rondò Unika for sweet and savory snacks

One machine, 6 plates and endless sweet and savory preparations . Breakfast, quick lunch, snack or after-dinner dessert: with Rondò Unika you can prepare crepes, waffles, churros, donuts, wafers, pancakes, wraps and tortillas on the spot, multiplying the sales possibilities with a food cost that does not exceed €0.39.

You will be able to switch from one preparation to another thanks to the Easy Click system, which will make you replace the hot plates saving a considerable amount of time. The special coating is easy to clean and maintain and even powder preparations only require the addition of water.

Rondò Unika is equipped with an energy saving bar which will allow you not to waste electricity. And if you want further ideas to cut the running costs of a club, you can directly eliminate the club and try Rondò Unika in its street food version !

Ice N Roll for creaming ice cream

If you've always dreamed of offering non-packaged ice cream in your bar, but you don't have the budget or space for dedicated equipment, Ice N Roll is the solution for you. A low food cost and no production waste , combined with the possibility of whipping the ice cream instantly by customizing the recipes to your liking make Ice N Roll a real trump card.

There are two food preparations, based on milk and fruit, to which milk or water and fresh ingredients can be added as desired . If made with water and a fruit-based mix, the ice cream is also suitable for vegans and lactose intolerant and will also allow you to open up to this segment of the rapidly expanding market.

Now that you have the right equipment for your bar management, it's time to attract customers and indulge yourself with some special ideas, such as these proposals for an autumn aperitif .

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