Taking sides against food waste is one of the most forward-looking and wise choices for any restaurant business. Reducing waste and leftover food, with activities ranging from production to solutions such as the doggy bag , could completely change the perception customers have of you.
For some, food waste is only a problem of optimizing out-of-pocket costs , while for others, it is a matter linked to respect for the environment . In reality, as always, the truth lies somewhere in between. If being able to contain unnecessary expenses can undoubtedly bring benefits to the coffers of your restaurant, it's not all a matter of budget. The opinion of people on your way of doing business is also invaluable: invest in your company and make your brand synonymous with ethics and respect , so as to keep the public's perception of you high.

Food waste: and war it is!

Reducing waste starts with the overall management of your restaurant. From the very first operations of defining the menu and calculating the cost of the food , the importance of containing costs will be evident. Once you have established the typical dishes of your establishment, you will need to:
  • carefully rationalize the ingredients;
  • minimize leftovers in preparation;
  • maintain effective preservation of products;
  • study the portions of the courses carefully;
  • sensitize your staff.
However, food waste is not just a matter of food preparation , but a real company policy . "According to the latest data available to us, 185 thousand tons of food are still wasted every year in Italian restaurants", says Giancarlo Deidda , vice president of the Italian Federation of Public Exercises. Involving your customers in this battle will be the next step, and the doggy bag it is a practical, easy and above all very nice solution to propose.

A doggy bag to stop waste

In 2017 in Italy there was a marked improvement in the amount of food wasted . Part of the credit for this first success goes to the so-called Gadda law , thanks to which simple and clear procedures have been set up for the donation of edible but no longer marketable foodstuffs. Following this reform, Italy has reached the fourth position in the ranking in terms of food sustainability , preceded only by France, Germany and Spain.
The doggy bag is a great starting point for businesses that decide to join the growing movement of sensitive restaurants . The merit of this development is also due to the continuous joint support of Fipe and Comeco , which have been active on the subject for years. If your customers fill up too quickly with your generous portions, offer them a nice take-away package for leftover courses (and why not, wine too) to take home. You can even think of making bags customized with your logo; what matters is that the packaging is made with recycled, ecological and nature-friendly materials .
For diners who choose to help you reduce wasted food leftovers, you could also consider giving a gift or a small discount on your next dinner. By doing so you will not only gain the esteem of your customers, but you will retain them even more.
What are your strategies to reduce food waste? Tell us yours in the comments.
April 19, 2018