March 8 represents a moment of reflection on the condition of women in society, but also the right opportunity to communicate with the fairer sex. Indeed, using this celebration to focus attention on female customers can bring interesting results for your company.
The creation of cocktails or special recipes characterized by the yellow color such as the mimosa, the flower symbol of the party, are just some of the ideas you can create to celebrate the event. However, there is one very important factor that must not be forgotten: the true meaning of March 8 is to remember that women must be respected and celebrated every day.
So why not take advantage of Women's Day to build customer loyalty and strengthen your communication?

What does customer loyalty mean?

To put it simply and clearly, we could say that this sentence refers to all the strategies aimed at making sure that love at first sight between your company and consumers lasts over time. It is a question of surrounding the clientele with little cuddles and attentions, a few surprises, remembering to celebrate the important moments and making each person feel special and unique.
From this point of view, Women's Day is a perfect event. Although it is often accused of being too commercial and indifferent, it still has a very deep meaning: the respect and exaltation of the female world .

Focus on emotions

The initiatives that can be implemented for the occasion are truly endless. You might think of simple solutions that are easy to implement. Small floral gifts, or even a small sweet offered by the house, a taste of a special cocktail, a discount voucher that can be used at a later time. Amaze, excite and surprise your customers with something they never expected. You will give them a smile and a feeling of well-being and gratification that will remain forever associated with your reality.
You could also think about a card reserved for women. A sort of collection of points that allows access to small tastings, free tastings and exclusive discounts, upon reaching a certain number of drinks. In doing so, Women's Day will extend over time, and your customers will feel pampered even after this date.

The woman at the center of everything

Building customer loyalty, when it comes to March 8, essentially means reminding your consumers of the great value of every woman . Small cards with meaningful phrases to match your dishes could, for example, stimulate reflection not only for women belonging to the fair sex, but also for male patrons.
You could certainly think of just giving away a simple sprig of mimosa. However, remember that every type of marketing, promotion and communication action that you activate will form the identity of your commercial activity. Through what you create for consumers, you tell your values ​​and with what type of message you intend to position yourself on the market.
Remember that women are very special clients : if you know how to leverage their emotions and convictions, they will declare you eternal love. Customer loyalty is essential for the success of a restaurant, discover other precious secrets of customer care.
March 02, 2018