Bar for tourists, is it that easy to manage? Yes, but extra care is needed when it comes to foreign travelers on holiday. The Ansa Viaggi data speak for themselves: in 2016 foreigners who visited Italy were 1% more than the previous year, a percentage that does not seem to want to change this year either. Italy has always been one of the most frequent destinations for tourists, especially if they are foreigners. Running a restaurant in a holiday resort is a gold mine, especially during the months dedicated to travel and holidays. To make the most of this opportunity, here is a list of simple tips that every tourist bar should follow.

Tourist bars: four simple rules

Language and communication
Often the reputation of a tourist bar can be affected by the linguistic aspect and in general by the communication of basic information such as prices and times. Knowing at least one language in addition to Italian is essential for managing a restaurant in a tourist resort, as is the use of signs in a foreign language indicating prices, the type of menu, the ingredients of the dishes on offer and last but not least it is It is important to specify if your bar for tourists also offers dishes for people who follow alternative diets, such as vegetarians, vegans or celiacs.
Meal times
Each country has a different culinary culture which is not only reflected in the dishes offered, but also in the consumption habits of the inhabitants. It often happens to notice that tourists eat at different times than the Italian ones, for this reason keeping the kitchen open with quick solutions is an adequate solution to the sudden arrival of hungry foreign travellers. To reduce kitchen maintenance costs, Combi Wave is your trump card because it is a multipurpose oven that is always operational, even on standby. In fact, its internal temperature, even when it is not working, remains so mild as to allow cooking even when switched off, thus saving time and costs.
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Menu with typical dishes
Italian cuisine is incredibly diverse and is loved all over the world, which is why you offer your foreign customers dishes typical of your region. Even the less curious tourists will not be able to give in to a dish of Tuscan panzanella or Abruzzo arrosticini. Investing in a traditional menu will bring significant results in your earnings, as confirmed by the ever-increasing number of travelers who follow in the footsteps of food and wine tourism. It's also a great visibility strategy. Think, for example, of the foreign tourist who discovers the summer taste of tomato friselle in Puglia and enthusiastically photographs the dish and then publishes the shot on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Your visibility increases and so does the restaurant's online reputation. For this reason, a second piece of advice on the menu to offer is the presentation of the dish, which must never be left to chance or appear hasty.
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Wi-Fi zone
Resuming the foreign tourist who eats friselle for the first time in Puglia and from the enthusiasm decides to publish the photograph on Facebook and Instagram. How will he be able to do this if his connection is poor or if the data traffic costs him too much to share the image instantly? This is an opportunity for visibility that you cannot miss, so one of the solutions to avoid losing it is to make the internet available through a free wi-fi system. To control access, you could give the password at the time of purchase, remembering that the password should be neither too simple nor excessively complicated.
From communications to the menu, the management of a tourist bar must observe some more attention than another place. Despite this, these tips can be useful for increasing the good reputation and income even for those who have an activity that is not necessarily in a resort area. Which of you has a tourist bar and what is your secret? Write it to us in the comments.
April 11, 2024