Furnishing a bar is an important moment because the chosen design expresses the character of the place. Furthermore, the look of a bar can change according to the seasons, focusing on the most suitable elements to make customers feel at ease based on the month and the outside temperatures. Discover with us the three golden rules for furnishing a bar in winter .
Original ideas to include in the winter menu: 3 unmissable proposals

1. Keep warm in the room

A warm and welcoming environment is perfect for making customers feel at ease with the possibility that they will become attached to your bar and come back for sure. To keep the temperature mild, take advantage not only of the heating, but also of furnishing tricks.
If your room has windows or large windows, check the fixtures to prevent drafts . A trick that will not only make customers happy, but also your finances thanks to the reduction of energy consumption.
Furthermore, carpets are not only a piece of furniture, but they help to keep a room thermally insulated. If thick and placed on the ground, in fact, they prevent the infiltration of cold and the consequent cooling of the room.

2. Create warmth with fabrics

A typical custom of the Nordic countries is to reserve a plaid for each place setting in the colder months. An idea from which to take inspiration both to furnish a bar inside and its expanse. With blankets and warmers, your coldest customers will feel pampered like nowhere else.
Wool blankets or soft plaids are simple furnishing elements, but essential if you want to give a more intimate and welcoming touch to your bar. Also insert cushions with different colors and patterns to make the room warm.
Is your place very spacious? Make good use of the centimeters to be able to insert poufs , comfortable and enveloping seats perfect for the colder season.

3. Make the expanse a hot private room

Many bars have the option of extending seating outside their building as well. The expanse is not only summer, on the contrary if you learn to make good use of this space in winter it will be incredibly appreciated. An appreciated area is a crowded area , turning into an opportunity not only for profit but also for good publicity for your bar.
Eliminate the classic plastic chairs, your expanse must become one of the strengths of the place. Sofas, carpets, poufs and blankets, also in this case, furnishing elements that warm up the environment cannot be missing.
Enrich the climate with outdoor flame stoves , it will be like living the aperitif moment in front of a real bonfire. And embellish the atmosphere with Christmas lights that follow the linear furnishings or tangled in glass jars.

Furnishing a bar for the winter helps build loyalty

Furnishing a bar for the winter is an extra help to increase customer loyalty and an incentive to find another audience. Nothing should be taken for granted, not even the expanse as we have seen. Is your place an ice cream shop? Discover the four strategies to sell even in winter .
April 11, 2024