Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day is an important marketing opportunity for bars, clubs, restaurants and all operators in the channel, and this year it is even more so: Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday and therefore will last two days! It really is an opportunity not to be missed! Where it becomes essential to know how to take advantage of all the moments of the day and also of the weekend in an alternative way.
There will be many trips out of town, romantic weekends, couple moments for a special and alternative Valentine's Day. Customers will have the opportunity and time to go beyond the romantic dinner, we take advantage of the opportunity to give them the right idea and bring them to our restaurant.
Let's start by thinking about breakfast, on Saturday we could offer a very sweet breakfast menu at a discounted price for two people. From Friday we could also start promoting a sweet take-away breakfast to our customers. Who wouldn't like to start the day with a sweet breakfast brought home by the sweetheart or sweetheart?
Since Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday, it is also very useful to take advantage of the lunch idea, perhaps with a light chip and chic menu that does not weigh down the afternoon and the wallet too much.
We shouldn't even exclude the afternoon time for a tea enriched with a sweet snack. Finally, the romantic dinner, where we can add a romantic atmosphere created by flowers and candles to a specially created menu.
It could also give us an edge by implementing a series of collaborative marketing operations with other merchants near us. For example, why not propose a collaboration with the florist near our place to offer a discount to its customers?
In this regard, we really liked Cinzia di Martino's article on collaborative marketing for Valentine's Day
But Valentine's Day isn't over, the evening can be long and lovers are late, so why not invite them for brunch on Sunday?
We talked about lovers but let's not forget that it's Saturday and in the evening mostly singles go out, who might find it difficult to find a place that isn't full of couples. We could propose an aperitif for singles where you are invited only if not as a couple. Where maybe you can have a discounted price on a second cocktail if you offer it to a stranger.
These are our ideas to make the most of the day, and you? Let us know if you like them and what you plan to do.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
February 11, 2015