Ideas for bars that turn into successful business ideas. This is what one of our loyal customers, Tradi Qual , managed to do in France with his BRUSCHETT'FOOD ®
TRADI QUAL is not limited to the sale of a product but focuses on the Bruschetta food concept to bring to France, not only the material to make it, but also the know-how to enable its customers to offer the typical Italian product, as they wish our tradition. Thanks to this, it is able to offer a certain sale price to the customer, who is willing to spend because he is paying for an original and alternative product to French food.
We had a chat with Pascal Blouin, the general manager, to understand what his entrepreneurial secrets are and what ideas we can draw from his idea.
Tradi Qual with the BRUSCHETT'FOOD ® project proposes the idea of ​​bruschetta made according to the typical and original Italian recipe. The business model proposed by this French company starts from a poor food and Italian accompaniment that has established itself in France as a typical fast food with great success.
Made in Italy is certainly one of the most successful values ​​of recent years, declined in infinite forms; think of Rossopomodoro or Cappuccino .
In addition to the made in Italy, authenticity also plays an important role, being able to tell the customer that it is the "real Neapolitan pizza" or that the recipes are typical and original, is the communicative lever that has made the difference for these brands.
The winning secret of TRADI QUAL is the ability to offer its customers ideas for strong bars, offering the food machine produced by Techfood and guaranteed, quality raw materials and staff training for making bruschetta.
Mr. Blouin took over a small bankrupt company that was already proposing the concept of bruschetta and pasta, gave it a new look and strength and packaged a turnkey product for points of sale.
The ingredients it offers are all of high quality and all of Italian origin with the exception of the particular cheese which is produced ad hoc in France and is the size and shape of bread.
The training path and the transfer of know-how leaves nothing to chance: which ingredients to use, how to season and prepare the bruschetta, how to cut them so that all the ingredients are present in each piece, the supply of special wooden chopping boards and a complete communication kit with menus, posters and signs.
So here is a typically Italian food even if produced in France by a Frenchman, who however respects the quality of the ingredients and tradition.
If it is true that the export of made in Italy is an idea to pay close attention to, and consider as a possible evolution of one's business, perhaps we can also make the opposite reasoning and try to import ourselves, into Italy, foods that our clientele may perceive them as alternative and typical of other traditions.
In this way we too can create and propose innovative ideas in our bar but which respect the culinary tradition of other countries. We can then think, for example, of waffles, waffles or churros, focus on the concept and invent a format suitable for creating an unusual offer for our classic pastry shops and which becomes a source of differentiation for our place and our offer. Not only that, being able to focus on a higher price perceived as correct by the Italian customer who feels satisfied with an alternative food, difficult to find so good in Italy.
Definitely working on the concept is the direction in which the whole market is moving and that of food in particular. We'll be back on the subject soon, perhaps going deeper into the topic with a few examples of concept stores.
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