It goes without saying that with the arrival of heat and summer time, the best way to attract new customers and increase customer stay times, and therefore consumption, is to design a part of your restaurant or outdoor bar .
The outdoor tables are a pleasant attraction for the customer and sometimes allow a considerable increase in the number of seats, but to design a truly useful space you need to observe a few rules:
  • first of all you need to make a request to the technical office of the municipality which must authorize the expanse and inform us of the costs and rules. The costs of occupying public land vary greatly from municipality to municipality, as do the requirements on the type of furniture and timetables to be respected. It is therefore necessary to calculate well if the cost of occupation and preparation is commensurate with the estimate of increase in earnings.
  • once authorization has been received, a very important thing is the design of the space and its furnishings: always taking into consideration any municipal directives on colors and materials, the thing we must take care of most is the homogeneity between the indoor furnishings and outdoor . Our restaurant has an image and its recognizability that must be respected and strengthened, not distorted, so be careful to take care of the aesthetics and try to integrate our space as much as possible with the surrounding environment.
    The square, the street and the building that surround us are an integral part of what we offer to our audience
  • however, aesthetics must always be combined with practicality : if the expanse has to be withdrawn every evening, it must be easily disassembled
  • what is the customer looking for when he stops in expanse? Definitely a moment of relaxation to shelter from the sun during the hot hours of lunch or to stay in the sun in the evening during an aperitif, a convivial and pleasant place to take a break. From this point of view, the advice is to create comfortable corners, perhaps using sofas and armchairs and enrich them with plants and flowers that help both the delimitation of spaces and the perception of coolness and summer.
  • lights and lighting are certainly an extra cost but they create that atmosphere that public lighting cannot create, so we think of light design that can interact with the building that hosts us or with the square that surrounds us
  • the reuse of materials and objects is very trendy in the creation of these temporary spaces and if your style permits you could use pallets to make seats, painter's easels to delimit the area or old parachutes instead of umbrellas
  • last but not least, it is crucial to create a dedicated product: for example, why not invent a fresh, fruity, colorful cocktail and give it the name of your establishment. It could be placed in large bools on the counter to entice customers and offered in happy hours as a second drink.
These ideas for bars are the starting point from which to indulge yourself to customize and make your outdoor space creative and welcoming. Send us photos of what you will create and we will create an image gallery on Facebook with the most beautiful solutions.
April 16, 2015