Tomorrow evening EXPO Milano 2015 opens and in the six months of the exhibition 20 million visitors are expected, including 8 million foreigners from all over the world who will generate additional expenditure estimated at 5.4 billion.
This is an unmissable opportunity for Milanese restaurateurs and exhibitors and for all the cities of art that will be visited by the foreign public, but you have to be prepared.
The arrival of such a large number of foreign tourists must be accompanied by attention to the offer, so prepare your premises:
  • Quick lunches . The tourist who arrives in Italy for Expo will probably have a few days to see many things. The advice is to think about the needs of foreign palates, often accustomed to take away but to do it with local products.
  • A discount for those presenting the Expo ticket . This well highlighted, if the place is passing through, could be an excellent business card.
  • Language menu . Certainly English but also Chinese and Spanish could be very useful.
  • Focus on Made in Italy . The Expo public is certainly very attentive to the food theme and will expect to taste the typical products, perhaps you could distinguish yourself by focusing on regional traditions.
  • Comfortable stretches . Travellers, however struggling to visit as many things as possible in the shortest amount of time, sooner or later get tired and need a convenient and comfortable place to rest, have a drink, cool off and eat something.
  • Free Wi-Fi . It can often be a choice criterion that drives customers to one bar rather than another. All travellers, but foreigners in particular, often have the problem of finding free connections.
Reception is certainly the first thing to pay attention to, but we cannot overlook the fact that in large events like these, it is necessary to activate all the marketing strategies that allow us to be "found".
If you haven't already done so, it is essential to have a business position on Google Local which will make you visible on Google maps and therefore easily accessible.
Also try to take advantage of platforms such as Trip Advisor and Cibando (now Zomato ) which will allow you to receive reviews from users and to propose your contents and offers.
Furthermore, if you are in the Milan area , it could be very interesting to join the " Pact for expo " promoted by the municipality of Milan. Here is an excerpt from the document
The “Pact for Expo” is a valid marketing tool aimed at enhancing the image and repositioning the Metropolitan City of Milan on an international level. The document commits the signatories to guaranteeing and monitoring the quality of their services provided in the various areas: from hospitality to the administration of food and drink, passing from retail sales to large-scale distribution up to craft activities: all of this, in compliance with the various visitors' cultures and origins. ”
 Happy Expo everyone!