Like every second Sunday of May, Mother's Day will be celebrated on the 10th and it will be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of to attract customers to your establishment and promote a social campaign to increase profiles and increase traffic to your site.
Try to plan promotions and marketing activities to boost sales related to this holiday, which last year saw US consumers spend more than $20 billion alone.
The earning prospects are good and so first of all dress up your place and the windows with the colors that symbolize Mother's Day: soft shades from pink to purple , but you can also use touches of white or light green.
This more than any other, is a holiday linked to feelings, therefore, we need to get excited . Phrases, aphorisms and verses of songs, together with images that portray mothers and children of all ages can help you create that mood suitable for making a dinner, an aperitif or a breakfast made with your children special.
Create an ad hoc promotion and invite your customers to show up on May 10 with their mothers to receive a special discount on drinks.
Offer a special aperitif , you can use prosecco or sparkling wine, strawberries and rose syrup, then put it on the menu with a name that recalls mum and her uniqueness. The tea biscuits will be heart-shaped and the cakes decorated with marzipan flowers. Or why not dare with a crepe, creating a sweet crepe for mum.
Or for mothers with small children, why not organize an aperitif or dinner with an entertainer , so that they can hold and let the little ones play while the mothers enjoy their party with their friends.
Remember to prepare a small gift to give them when they pay the bill, a flower or even just a chocolate, preferably with your logo, to remind them of the moment spent in your restaurant.
An essential tool for advertising your proposals is certainly the web and in particular Facebook which creates engagement around the place, expanding word of mouth among users, which is the best marketing your business could wish for.
As can be read in the Business section of the social network , Mom is the keyword , so let's make the most of it.
We create anticipation for the party, promoting it in advance to raise awareness and be the first to remind customers that there are only a few days left.
As we said, Mother's Day is linked to feelings, and this makes it ideal for inventing a contest to involve fans. Ask them to post pictures with their moms and write "because she's the woman of their heart" or because "mom is always mom" . If you have adequate space, you could build a branded mini set for mother-child selfies in your restaurant to upload on your social networks.
To the best sentence that accompanies the photo, give a free aperitif or dinner for two.
Let us know how you used the Mother's Day ideas we gave you and… best wishes to the mothers!