Sun, heat and the desire to stroll through the streets of the city. These are the most profitable months for all businesses offering street food and so here are some tips and best practices to increase your sales and increase the number of customers.
Street food is by definition the provision of artisan foods prepared and sold in open public spaces, produced with local ingredients and served in single portions that can be eaten on the go.
With this in mind, the first and most important thing you need to communicate to your audience, and which can become a driving force for many other marketing actions, is respect for the traditions and history of recipes built with typical ingredients and combined with quality drinks. Tradition and carefully selected, fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients , as well as being what the public expects, are also indispensable requirements for becoming part of the portals, communities and many associations that have been born in Italy in recent years. For example, if you have a Labruschetta oven, try to use tomatoes from a local producer, extra virgin olive oil and local cheeses, or dare with more unusual proposals for a bruschetta but which enhance the sauces and ingredients that the public identifies as genuine because kilometer 0.
The history of street food is very ancient and today, 2.5 billion people in the world eat street food every day. In the last 10 years, starting from America to arrive in the old continent, this practice has first become a fashion and then a real must, thanks to the web, social sharing, Youtube and the many television programmes. By studying the most successful cases, some of the essential basic characteristics of these activities are outlined.
First of all it is essential to create a food brand strategy: starting from an idea, studying a brand, and from that to define the concept, logo, packaging, and above all the food truck or kiosk. Artistically decorated vehicles with bright and personalized colors, whether they are vintage or super modern, they must be clearly characterized by your logo and be remembered and recognized by those who see them on the streets. With this in mind, Techfood has been offering Streety for years, the street food cart ideal for those who need a practical, manageable and totally customizable space both in terms of graphics and equipment.
Another important mechanism is that of partnerships with other small local businesses: forms of synergistic marketing with fixed commercial and non-food businesses; the advantage of being able to move easily allows you to follow events, inaugurations and special activities of other businesses by providing our service and tapping into their audience effortlessly.
With a view to moving, one thing that is worth doing is participating in major festivals: last week the International Street Food Parade in Turin recorded more than 100,000 visitors, and there are many appointments from Perugia to Rimini, from Rome to Milan.
Physical presence must also be combined with a good presence on the web, on social media and access to the food community. The portals are many but among many we point out:
Street Food and Streetfood , the most widespread nationwide, and we advise you to look for others, perhaps less widespread but specialized in your geographical area; for Rome, for example , Streat It is widely used. You can have them reviewed and appear in the showcases of the site so as to make your business much more visible and try to involve the public that is not passing through but is looking for precisely what you offer.
An important move is to integrate and encourage the use of Foursquare and location sharing apps: not only are their check-ins also displayed on Facebook and Twitter thus attracting potential consumers, but if customers are encouraged to register, perhaps with a free sweet, in a short time the visibility on social networks multiplies.
Another tool worth considering is Rosteria , a free app launched last year, but in this trendy market, apps and web portals are constantly evolving, so the best advice is to stay updated and look at the many novelties constantly proposed.
June 11, 2015