We are in the middle of the summer period and the energy of this season invites us to renew ourselves for the new year. Maybe even just “virtually”. The presence on the web seems to be increasingly important but it is not always necessary to open a Facebook page to be a 2.0 bartender and restaurateur.
Let's start with small and simple steps thanks to the guide of Gianluca Diegoli . Is your business on Google Maps ? Entry is free and allows you to fill in a personalized profile of your business with times and description of services. Appearing in Google results is important because it allows you to locate the bar or restaurant locally quickly and easily.
Have you ever thought about asking your customers for their phone number ? You could send messages to lists of "friends" via Whatsapp and inform them of particular activities such as evenings, aperitifs or special discounts. Only those who have you in their address book will receive the information and you won't risk annoying those who don't know you.
Website or Facebook page? This is a real dilemma but beware the second does not replace the first. In case you decide to open a site , you need to carefully evaluate the contents that must be updated and "fresh" so that your customers can have the correct information all year round. It is essential that the contacts are clearly visible and that the table reservation procedures are simple. The site will allow you to think about targeted advertising on Google.
Do you think about Facebook ? Remember not to make a profile but a fan page. Important is the content , the interaction and the personality that you will give to your space. Very important is the use of captivating images to present your way of being or your dishes (you could use social networks such as Instagram to connect to your Facebook account). The imagination has no boundaries in trying to promote you: you could offer a coffee to the thousandth like or invite customers to follow you for information on discounts or special events by inserting an ad hoc phrase in the menu.
Some examples?
The beauty of the dishes offered by Cibosano di Bologna is an invitation to "sin".
At Casa di Camilla they never miss an opportunity to present the menu of the day with photos of the dishes and list of courses.
On the Galliano Bar Gelateria page they never forget to thank their famous customers and not because, you know, being kind always pays off.
La Caffetteria di Piazza Zanti in Cavriago di Reggio Emilia focuses on the personality, which uses the covers to show the energy of the owners.
Choose your style and don't forget to always give the right information as in the case of Il Panino Giusto .