Autumn 2015 promises to be hot and, among the season's trends, we will see - among the different looks - leather and lace. Leather, central to the winter style, will be declined on every item of clothing: from the skirt to the trousers without excluding the accessories. Lace and embroidery will instead invade the wardrobes of the most romantic and feminine women.
Let's see how to transform the two trends into ideas for bars and aperitif venues. The two trends make us think of very specific themes for your evenings: rock aperitifs vs romantic aperitifs. In the first case, meat or soy mini-burgers for vegetarian customers, beer (many ask for artisanal and local beer), French fries or baked potatoes should not be missing. Don't want to spoil the atmosphere by greasing your customers' fingers? No problem withCombi Twist Plus which allows you to obtain a light fried dish suitable for a true rock spirit. Rolling Potatoes, on the other hand, is the most suitable machine for obtaining the traditional Anglo-Irish dish. The soundtrack will range from the entire discography of Elvis, to Diamonds Dogs by David Bowie to the best known in Italy Lambrusco rose & popcorn knives by Luciano Ligabue.
If your spirit is decidedly more romantic, you can offer delicious and delicate bruschetta with prawns and pumpkin, olive paté, or with fish. In the third case you could choose the Nordic smoked salmon with figs and chives or, alternatively, use the prawns blanched for a few minutes and seasoned with paprika and a light pesto of zucchini and almonds. Thanks to Labruschetta you will be able to prepare eight table bruschettas at the same time and the wooden chopping boards will recall the picnic atmosphere suitable for the theme. Light and sparkling wines will complete your romantic aperitif offer. Candles must not be missing at every table and at the counter and as a soundtrack the compilation of Breakfast at Tiffany's , a real must for romantic women of all times.
If, on the other hand, the rain and the cold will be the real protagonists of next September, why not organize aperitifs with a homely atmosphere with soft music and an atmosphere that favors relaxation and serenity? In this case it will be essential to look for homemade and seasonal ingredients to include in your menu. A reference to garden products and grandmother's cooking: from pumpkin to walnuts without forgetting parmesan and radicchio for a truly successful aperitif!