Renewing your restaurant with new menus, adequately training on new technologies and machinery is a necessity that many restaurateurs often have to improve their earnings and the quality of their work.
This is why we interviewed Simone, the Techfood chef who takes care of the cooking days, training days at the company dedicated to customers and not to learn how to better manage the machinery but also to learn some tricks that solve small daily problems or they give more creative ideas.
Hi Simone, in Techfood there have just been a series of training days dedicated to restaurant managers. How do you structure a day?
It is a whole day in our company which offers two rooms where it is possible to use our machines and practice preparing some dishes. It is often possible to integrate with exercises in which the students directly use the machinery and prepare some dishes. We have many days during the year just to try to have limited numbers of people who can exercise.
Why do people take a course
Many are already our customers, they come to perfect the cooking of their food. Sometimes they bring us one of their products, for example the type of sandwich they sell the most or a regional dish they offer so that we and we can perfect the cooking of the dish together. Time, temperature etc. Other times they are not customers, but are curious to be able to try our machines before evaluating a purchase.
What are the main topics of the day?
A part of the course is dedicated to the use of the oven. In which you learn various recipes and eventually create customized recipes and cooking for products requested by the customer. A second part of the course, on the other hand, is dedicated to foods that are prepared with griddles, crepes, waffles, wraps and more. Let's talk about food products, health indications, shelf life, and then some advice and service methodologies. For example, how to make a bundle crepe, how to use the crepe in the service of a second course.
Can you tell us one of the tips you usually give to restaurateurs during the course?
We spend a lot of time learning how to structure a menu in order to create new moments in your restaurant. For example, how to serve the crepe not only as a snack and dessert, but use it, for example, as a wrapper for a quick meal for the woman on her lunch break, who has little time and prefers something cooked at the moment. Or learn how to propose pasta not only as a quick dish during a lunch break but also as a midnight spaghetti for an evening with friends, in front of the game. We focus on explaining to the restaurateur how to make the most of the technology in his establishment to maximize sales.
Is material released at the end of the course?
Yes, I have prepared a very precise handout, where they can find all the information I give them during the course. This way they can focus on the practice and don't need to take notes.
The next courses will be available in November. This is the calendar of dates:
Monday 2 November
Tuesday 3 November
Monday 9 November
Thursday 12 November
Monday 16 November
Tuesday 17 November
Monday 23 November
Tuesday 24 November
Monday 30 November
To register for the course, you can call the toll-free number 800 - 014405 or fill in the registration form by writing the date of the course you would like to attend in the message.