We report an editorial by Angelo Iori, owner of Techfood, who talks about the birth of street food corners and carts in the company.
The year in which the sale of the first corners and carts began was 2000, the year in which, together with a well-known motorway catering company, we collaborated with the Ministry of Health on the creation of a specification that would regulate technologies in the sale of food in public areas, signed by then Minister Sirchia.
This ministerial decree regulates and harmonizes the technical guidelines and characteristics of the main elements for the creation of temporary banks.
The ordinance defines the main aspects including:
  • the size of the worktops and separation from customers.
  • food contact materials.
  • the obligation of a HACCP self-control plan
  • the creation of hand basins, with the use of water from independent tanks from the network.
  • the types of refrigerators, the characteristics of which differ substantially from the domestic ones for the display of temperatures and for the various types of use, nautical, low voltage and gas
  • certification of electrical, plumbing and refrigeration systems
All these requirements have been condensed into our Corner and Shops proposal.
Techfood's entrepreneurial idea is very simple: 4 wheels, if necessary, a retractable sink, 1 or 2 refrigerators at various temperatures, a captivating and colorful fireproof and foldable roller blind for passing through the smallest doors, a -rain, covered in anti-scratch film with a thousand colors and anti-UV customizations.
A whole series of accessories, electric and gas bain-marie, dispensers for containers of all kinds, cabinets and compartments for drinks. Through the easy positioning of one or more carts, you can create a real food court, as in the case of the supply of 5 multi-theme carts to the Orio Center shopping mall in front of Orio al Serio airport in Bergamo.
This solution is also conceivable with small investments to give a touch of craftsmanship and novelty, alternating the seasonality of ice cream and summer granitas, with juices and smoothies for vegans, with that of crepes in autumn and winter with grandmother's soups , to serve a plate of pasta or a hot hot dog for lunch or to create themed snacks: sandwiches, bruschetta and pizzas.
But it is also possible to think of carts offering watermelon and melon alternating with cream and fruit tarts in a classic country style. Or for the classic coffee pod or classic, cappuccino and a hot chocolate, even better with our ChocoKebab®. Finally, they can be used for an international or local ethnic menu based on your expertise and imagination.
The project: corners and carts from three to seven square meters.
The sale of techfood® mobile workstations and mini shops has been structured to offer both the machines and the necessary equipment, specifically designed to ensure compliance with the law.
Furthermore, Techfood® offers you complete support in the definition phase of your project, helping you to clarify:
  • the main features of the business
  • the reference market with its potential
  • communication with its different forms of expression, menu boards, fixed and windproof menus
  • the disposable material with the SfizioMisto® brand
  • The basic elements of a profitable management of your business
  • The use of machines and the selection of suppliers if necessary
Techfood® stations can be used in :
  • outdoor kiosks or covered markets
  • service stations, railways, airports, sea stations
  • shopping malls and indoor and outdoor pedestrian areas
  • mobile vehicles, vans and three-wheelers
  • mobile markets
  • demonstrations and festivals
  • banquets or refreshments for seasonal, seaside or ski activities
  • equipped areas for sports, leisure and entertainment
  • cultural and gastronomic events
Thanks to its twenty years of experience, Techfood® is present on the market and works with consultants at a regional level, knows the rules that govern it and knows how to best advise to face and overcome all those aspects for requests and prescriptions of a health and administrative nature which are poor in satisfaction but just as important and essential for opening a new business.
We are able to assist you in the forms of direct financing or leasing with credit institutions with which we have agreements.
November 10, 2015